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A few years ago, the bathroom was in a very humble position in the decoration, but now, the bathroom has been paid more and more attention by fashion chasers, and they have made great efforts to build it. Environmental protection, health, fashion and practicality, people have higher and higher requirements for the bathroom. In this peak decoration season, attention should be paid to the purchase and installation of bathroom supplies

in previous years, the bathroom was in a very humble position in the decoration, but now, the bathroom has been paid more and more attention by fashion chasers and has been built

environmental protection, health, fashion and practicality, people have higher and higher requirements for bathroom. In this peak decoration season, what aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing and installing bathroom supplies

toilet low floor residents are suitable to use "flush type"

pay attention to the flushing method and water consumption when purchasing toilet sanitary ware. The flushing methods of toilet are commonly divided into direct flush type, siphon type and flush type. According to pan Yuqiu, manager of Huida sanitary ware sales department, the direct flushing type has gradually withdrawn from the market due to its loud flushing noise and easy reverse taste, and the siphon type and flush type, which are odor proof and water-saving, have become the mainstream of the market. The siphon type belongs to the silent toilet, which is not easy to reverse the smell. The flushing sewer pipe is relatively wide and has a relatively large impact

according to pan Yuqiu, for residents with lower floors, it is best to choose the flush type, because the pipeline on the lower floor is relatively short and the impulse of the flush type is large, so it is more appropriate to choose the flush type on the lower floor, and the siphon type adopts the principle of pipeline vacuum, which is more suitable for high floors. If the family has two bathrooms, it is best to install siphon type in the "main bathroom", because many people have high working pressure. Siphon type is quiet, which is more suitable for the "main bathroom". It is best to install flush type in the "guest bathroom". The flush type pipe is thick, and the flushing force depends on the pressure of the water tank. It is more suitable to put it in the "guest bathroom". In terms of water consumption of toilets, the state stipulates that water-saving toilets with a flushing volume of less than 6 liters are water-saving toilets. Now many manufacturers have set up water and water (3 liters and 6 liters). All water-saving toilets will have signs, and you can consult the salesperson when purchasing them

Installation Tips: Shijie decoration "> Zhang Ji'an, manager of decoration customer service department, reminded that the bottom of the toilet should not be filled with cement"> cement sand. If the seat bucket is hidden under the floor tile, there must be a 2mm gap around the seat bucket, and the gap should be filled with glass glue, otherwise the cement will expand and contract, damaging the product

bathtubs are best selected before laying floor tiles

bathtubs generally include "skirt bathtubs" and "skirt free bathtubs". At present, "skirt bathtubs" have become the absolute mainstream in the market. According to Su min, manager of Kohler sanitary ware sales department, bathtubs are divided into ordinary steel bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, imperial concubine bathtubs, etc. according to their production materials. Generally speaking, ordinary steel bathtubs are easy to clean and have a single shape; Acrylic bathtub has rich shapes, but its service life is shorter and it is not easy to clean after aging; Cast iron bathtub has long service life and high grade, but the price is high, and it is troublesome to carry and install. The accessories of bathtub are the same as those of toilet and washbasin. Different bathtubs need different types of accessories and devices, and their role and significance cannot be ignored

Installation Tips: the anchor bolts must be leveled before the installation of the bathtub. During the installation process, iron objects cannot be placed in the bathtub to avoid rust spots or scratches of the product. Installing a bathtub at home requires a special reminder that it is best to choose a bathtub before laying bricks

determine the reserved size before buying the basin

with the hardbound decoration of the bathroom, the matching basin and bath cabinet products have appeared in many people's homes. Su min told reporters that to buy such products, we should first choose the specification and style of the basin according to the actual situation of the bathroom area. If the area is small, we should generally choose the column basin, because using the column basin in the small-area bathroom can enhance the ventilation sense of the bathroom; If the area is large, you can choose various types of basins, because basins can enhance the sense of grade. Su min told reporters: "in addition to the shape of the basin, the most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of the glaze, because a good glaze is not dirty, the surface is easy to clean, and it is still bright as new after long-term use. When choosing, you can face the light and observe from the side of the ceramic from multiple angles. A good glaze should have no color spots, pinholes, trachoma and bubbles, and the surface is very smooth."

pan Yuqiu said that all kinds of bath cabinets are matched with the basin. For ordinary consumers, one is to pay attention to the material of the bath cabinet. Oak, camphor wood, Catalpa wood, etc. are more common in the market. Good wood is anti warping and does not deform. Consumers must shop around. If you consider the price, you can also consider PVC board; The second is to measure the position reserved for the bathroom cabinet at home before buying, so that you know it well, and the salesperson can recommend it. If you are confused, you will get half the result with half the effort

Installation Tips: Zhang Ji'an said that when installing this kind of products, we need to pay attention to the flatness of the wall and ground, especially when installing the hanging basin, the nut must first add a rubber pad, and pay attention to the strength when tightening, so as to avoid damage caused by excessive force

although the faucet is a "small part", you should choose a brand

when choosing a faucet, you should pay attention to the quality of the faucet spool, the quality of the faucet manufacturing material and the surface treatment, and also to its adaptability to water quality and whether it saves water. Su Min said that high-quality faucets adopt ceramic valve cores, which are precise and wear-resistant, with long service life. The service life of iron valve cores and plastic valve cores is relatively short. In terms of manufacturing materials, most high-end faucets are made of brass

pan Yuqiu said that the faucet looks like a small part on the surface, and many consumers feel that the price of branded faucets is more expensive, but the hose and angle valve of the faucet are very important. If the angle valve is of poor quality, the water pressure cannot be fixed. If the hose is of poor quality, it may leak if it bursts. Once the water leaks at home, the loss will be very large

the faucet is mostly treated with chrome plating on the surface, but if the surface treatment is not qualified, the product may be in good condition when purchasing, but after a period of time, the coating will change color and fall off. Therefore, when purchasing the faucet, the manufacturer must be required to provide quality assurance of the surface coating

Installation Tips: after installation, flushing and water test must be carried out to adjust the water level and flushing function to the best state

sprinklers should be carefully selected and installed

sprinklers are also an indispensable part of sanitary ware. Don't look at small sprinklers, you also need to master some precautions during installation. According to arrow brand bathroom shower salesperson, first of all, the installation height can be divided into two types according to the type of shower. First, the sprinkler shall be concealed, and the wall surface shall be concealed. The center of the water outlet shall be at least 2 meters away from the ground, Shower switch "> the distance between the center of the switch and the ground is preferably 1 meter. The distance between the surface mounted lifting rod shower is generally defined by the water surface of the shower, and the best distance is 2 meters. However, the professional installation personnel also remind that these data are only average data, and the actual installation of the shower should be adjusted according to the user's height.

second, the concealed buried water pipe of the surface mounted shower switch is hot on the left and cold on the right, and the center distance should be 1.5 meters. After the installation of the shower, it should be at right angles to the wall. In addition In addition, water pressure regulation of sprinkler is also a key. The sprinkler will burst if the water pressure is too high, and the sprinkler cannot be used normally if the water pressure is too low

Installation Tips: choosing a uniform and soft shower is the key to enjoying the pleasure of bathroom. There are three ways to choose a shower skillfully: first, check whether the tube body of the shower and the electroplated coating on the surface are smooth and smooth; Second hand hold the tube body to judge the quality of the material; The material and service life of the valve element of the three way sprinkler switch




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