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This article is a summary of some common problems in the acceptance, not just these aspects. After the completion of each stage of construction, we must mention the construction details and qualification standards one by one

I. hardware

the installation of hardware cannot be loosened, which will affect the quality of the project, especially the door hinge. Because it is adjustable, it is required that the carpenter close the knife jumping door smoothly, which is qualified. The slide rail of the drawer should also be tried several times, and if there is any problem, it can be replaced on the spot

II. Project damage

if the early-stage project is damaged by the late-stage project, we must investigate the responsibility of the decoration company and ask them to repair it. For example, for the painting of furniture and door frames, I said earlier that painters entered the site early. When the paint is finished, it is rubbed off by the construction of hanging item plastering at the back, so it must be well repaired. In addition, the interior of many furniture, such as the interior of the cabinet, the interior of the drawer, the back of the door, etc., the painter is lazy and may not do the second paint. Look carefully, everyone. If the paint color is uneven, you should immediately ask for it to be mended

III. staining phenomenon

the joint between different decorative materials on the plane should not have staining phenomenon. For example, if you make a TV background wall, the decorative color cannot penetrate into the color of the wall itself. If this happens, the worker fails to stick protective tape when working. If you want to make up for it, you need to stick the tape again and paint it again. It's not very complicated

IV. switch and socket

all switches and sockets in the home should be tested to see if they are powered on. I think this may not be ignored by the owners. Otherwise, when you move in the furniture and find that there is no power supply, the decoration company will knock again. How troublesome

v. kitchen and bathroom construction

in the kitchen and bathroom, we must try the water faucet several times. Pay attention to sealing the interface, and there should be no water seepage. If we buy sanitary ware by ourselves, it's best to let the sanitary ware supplier come to install the sanitary ware before the decoration company hands over the work. Well, if there is any problem in the water pipe, there is a decoration company that can solve it. The same is true for cabinets. If you buy finished cabinets, please ask the cabinet supplier to complete the door-to-door installation before the decoration company hands over the work




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