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"Seamless" is a major development trend of wall decoration materials, and seamless wallcovering is a derivative of this trend. Acerno paid attention to the trend of seamless products as early as 13 years ago, and also began to develop seamless wallpaper products in that year

"seamless" is a major development trend of wall decoration materials, and seamless wallcovering is a derivative of this trend. It can be cut according to the perimeter of the room, and the overall construction can achieve the effect of seamless pasting, and avoid the problems of seam warping, material waste and so on

at the same time, it has many excellent characteristics, such as strong three-dimensional sense, good hand feeling, strong decorative expressiveness, waterproof, antifouling, dustproof, etc., so it is widely used in today's wall decoration

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acerno paid attention to the trend of seamless products as early as 13 years ago, and also began to develop seamless wallpaper products in that year

after years of efforts, it has not only independently developed seamless printing embossing equipment and 2.8m wide "mr.o wide paper", but also conquered wide circular screen, gravure and other printing processes

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on this basis, combined with the geographical characteristics of being located in the textile capital and the professional advantages of the head as an expert in the textile industry, yaqinuo began to carry out product research and development on the seamless wall fabric, which also achieved great results

acerno strictly controls the product quality, starting with the development of yarn raw materials, and strives for perfection in the production processes of raw material technology, pattern design, process organization, production and manufacturing, post-processing and other seamless wall fabrics. In addition, in the whole production process, five strict quality inspections are set up to finally achieve the optimal quality of products

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not only that, with the continuous maturity of seamless technology and the continuous innovation of substrate technology, yaqinuo successfully launched 3N seamless wallcovering without weaving, printing and dyeing, and composite this year

this series is preferably made of medical grade non-woven fabric. The material is environmentally friendly and breathable, soft, wrinkle resistant, tough, and has a textile like feeling of closeness. 2.8m wide single-layer compound free, bid farewell to the traditional seamless wall cloth compound glue, so that users can stay away from formaldehyde and other toxic substances

it can not only achieve the perfect printing effect like paper, but also comprehensively improve the color quality and texture effect of wall cloth. It also has the advantages of stable production and short cycle, which provides a guarantee for better service

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at the moment when "seamless" is popular, seamless wall cloth is loved by the majority of users, among which the most common is textile seamless wall cloth. So, do you really know about textile seamless wallcovering

not necessarily

after years of production, R & D and operation of seamless wallcovering, acerno found that consumers generally have insufficient cognition of this product. After induction, the following points are summarized

indeed, the prototype of seamless wall cloth was originally curtain cloth, which was a wonderful innovation in the application of curtain cloth at that time. Nowadays, the width of seamless wall cloth is generally 2.8 meters, which also follows the height of curtain cloth of 2.8 meters

however, due to their different uses and performance priorities, after years of industrial development and technological innovation, seamless wallcovering has become an independent industry different from curtain cloth

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as we all know, curtain cloth pursues the extremely beautiful drapery, while the pattern is relatively secondary. Therefore, the overall organization of curtain cloth is relatively loose, and the diameter of raw materials is relatively coarse

on the contrary, the textile seamless wall cloth pursues the tiling feeling that fits the wall and the fineness of its own pattern. Therefore, the overall organization is more precise, and the level of pattern is also more abundant

the "seamless" of seamless wall cloth actually refers to realizing the seamless of the whole wall. Why is it so defined

there are two reasons:

first, this can prolong the service life of seamless wall cloth. Due to the fabric art and material, the textile seamless wall cloth has a certain elasticity, and the wall will produce a certain amount of moisture due to the weather. Under the influence of moisture and temperature, the structure of textile seamless wall fabric will stretch and shrink, and the internal corners will be more seriously affected because of the bending of the wall fabric. In the long run, the seamless wallcovering will crack and blister at the internal corners, thus shortening its service life

second, due to improper construction and other reasons, the seamless wall cloth is easy to fit loosely at the internal corners, forming rounded corners and affecting the service life. At the same time, because the interior corner of the room is not absolutely vertical, the textile seamless wall cloth bends in the interior corner, which will cause visual weft skew for non quality reasons and affect the beauty of product decoration

in this regard, if the seamless wall is laid in the internal corner section, the above problems can be avoided, which is why "seamless" refers to the seamless of the whole wall

for the choice of clothing materials, people prefer natural plant materials, which can absorb sweat, impurities, smells, etc., and keep the body clean and comfortable. Therefore, natural plant materials have established the image of environmental protection in people's conventional thinking

however, this is not the case for seamless wall coverings. As a wall decoration material, seamless wall cloth cannot be cleaned as a whole as clothes, while natural plant materials absorb impurities, odors and harmful substances in the air, which will adhere to the surface of the wall cloth and cannot be removed

for a long time, with the mildew characteristics of natural plant materials, harmful substances on the surface of the wall cloth continue to accumulate

polyester material belongs to petroleum products, which will not produce mildew and absorb harmful substances in the air. On the contrary, it is more environmentally friendly

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many users worry that polyester is a petroleum product, so its environmental protection is poor

in fact, polyester is the synthetic fiber with the largest output and the most widely used in the world. Its industrial technology is very mature. It is widely used in a variety of products close to people's lives, such as clothing, bedding, decorative fabrics, and so on. Its environmental protection performance is beyond doubt

not only that, polyester also has many excellent characteristics, such as high strength, good elasticity, heat resistance, wear resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. It is a very good synthetic fiber material

the production of textile seamless wall fabric needs to go through multiple production processes. In order to ensure the environmental protection and quality of finished products, each process must be strictly implemented

among them, the production cycle of different manufacturers varies greatly, because in the above processes, there are two processes: cloth cleaning and product inspection, which cannot be directly reflected in the finished products

the cleaning of the embryonic cloth aims to remove a large amount of oil, pollutants and harmful substances left on the embryonic cloth. First of all, it needs to be treated in cold pile, soak the embryonic cloth for 24 hours, and then clean it. The whole cleaning process takes a lot of time, but it cannot be directly reflected in the finished product

some illegal businesses have omitted this process and greatly shortened the production cycle, but it has virtually harmed the life and health of users

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the inspection of products is divided into several times to check whether the products have quality defects. Among them, jacquard products need to undergo three inspections: embryo cloth, composite and delivery. Embroidery products are more stringent, requiring four inspections: embroidery, embroidery, compounding and shipment

some illegal businesses have omitted many inspection procedures and greatly shortened the production cycle, but they can not guarantee the quality of products and damage the interests of consumers

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the production cycle difference of textile seamless wall fabrics with different patterns is not only reflected in the above situation, but also reflected in the process difference

in terms of embroidery products, different patterns correspond to different embroidery stitches. The complex pattern has rich layers and fine textures, and the corresponding number of stitches is greatly different from the simple pattern, so the cycle is also quite different. Similarly, in jacquard products, different patterns mean that different raw materials need to be used, and different raw material processes also lead to the gap in the corresponding production cycle

in addition to the above problems, there may be more content of insufficient consumer awareness for textile seamless wallcovering, which will not be carried out one by one here. Accorno summarized the experience of R & D and production of seamless wallcovering over the years, and hoped that through this article, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of textile seamless wallcovering

we have always focused on wall decoration, concerned about the life and health of users, and provide wall decoration optimization for 3million quality families with high-quality raw materials, first-class design, fine technology, strict inspection and enthusiastic service. At the same time, we also hope to provide more high-quality and environmental friendly wall decoration choices for more families through continuous research and development and innovation in the future




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