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The first-line brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows, angel doors and windows, has a strong R & D ability and efficient service team. With enthusiasm and win-win growth with partners, it has introduced foreign famous high-precision hardware accessories, scientific product riverbed detection line, environmental protection, energy conservation, dust-free technology and technology, so as to ensure the reliability of products from the source, and achieve the brilliant career of door and window franchisees with outstanding quality affirmed by consumers

after 14 years of experience, angel doors and windows has always taken the pursuit of innovation, quality, added value, customer value feelings and customer value needs as the goal, and invested persistent and extreme artistic spirit to beautify architecture and living space, creating greater value for customers and society as the corporate mission; The professional design team integrates European and American art design concepts, pursues design inspiration from home space, explores the perfect integration of home space and aesthetics, and meets people's romantic, elegant and exquisite lifestyle and enjoyment

with the increasing personalized demand in modern society and the dynamic changes in consumer demand, the high-end door and window franchise brand Angel door and window has developed to cover thousands of exquisite styles of door, window and sunshine room products. It has conquered the hearts of the people with a product system of "diverse personality, close integration, sharp trendiness and peace of mind". It constantly optimizes the product system every year and constantly creates differentiated product advantages, Let franchisees maintain a strong competitive advantage in the first-line market

recognized by professionals and consumers in the industry:

March 2013: Ingres doors and windows won the "excellent enterprise of quality brand"

may 2013: Ingres doors and windows won the "excellent brand of Guangdong door industry in 2013"

January 2015: Ingres doors and windows won the title of "vice president unit" of the first Council of Guangdong door association

January 2015: Ingres doors and windows won the title of "top ten brands of Guangdong cutting-edge aluminum doors"

January 2016: Angel doors and windows signed a strategic cooperation agreement with norto, Germany

November 2016: Ingres doors and windows won:: "2016 model of Chinese door and window craftsman"

March 2017: Ingres doors and windows won: "2017 top ten brands of doors and windows"

July 2017: Ingres doors and windows won the title of "2017 consumer favorite brand"

professional and efficient franchise services, allowing entrepreneurs to enjoy a different experience. Ingres doors and windows has a broad market and unlimited business opportunities; Accurate positioning, win at the starting point; German technology, high-quality products; 0 franchise fee, high rate of return


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