The story of flowers decorated in the living room

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How can the theme of living room decoration be prominent and eye-catching? There is no doubt that no matter what is used for decoration, we should create an atmosphere suitable for the whole living room, and have distinctive characteristics. That is to say, this decoration cannot be submerged by the atmosphere of the whole living room, and its own characteristics must be obvious. Take a look at the notes of flowers below, and let your living room be full of beautiful melodies

notes of flowers: Daisy

note characteristics: bright yellow, pure posture

tune: soft, tender yellow French Daisy, inserted in a conical brick red container, the necked shape makes the daisy show the characteristics of spreading outward, and the air is not easy to enter, and the water is not easy to stink; The soft yellow can set off the living room very elegantly. Notes of flowers: leaf peony, Golden Lily, Erica, cone, forsythia

note characteristics: long flowering period, with auspicious meaning

tune: the living room should take a corner of the sofa as the visual landing point, put on a jar shaped vase, and the flower shape design is straight up, so as to create a simple, elegant, simple and lively look of the living room

story of flowers: the flowers in the living room should be selected together with the furniture. The common daisies in the market are more suitable to match with walnut furniture such as the dining table. When cutting flowers, one branch should be trimmed at a time, and the flowers should be trimmed to different heights to show a lively high and low level. It can be matched with the cylindrical dark pottery bottle to connect the flower itself with the space. If the bottle has a spiral appearance, it can show a sense of rhythm. In addition to the embellishment of romantic flowers, it is also possible to move trees into the room. As long as papaya flowers with a tree like shape are introduced into the living room, plus long vases, the visually stiff corners can look more vibrant. Papaya flowers can also be matched with daffodils. The way of flower arrangement can refer to the reclining posture of papaya flowers to express Japanese romance, and can also highlight the Zen created by plants





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