Regulations on the management of the hottest ozone

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The regulations on the administration of ozone depleting substances will affect some enterprises. The regulations on the administration of ozone depleting substances will affect some enterprises. On June 1, 2010, the regulations on the administration of ozone depleting substances promulgated by the State Council will be implemented from June 1. According to the environmental protection department of Guangdong Province, the regulation is the first administrative regulation in China to specifically regulate the management activities of ozone depleting substances to shorten the distance between melt activities as far as possible. It is also the first regulation in China to convert the international environmental conventions China has acceded to into special domestic laws, which is of great significance. The implementation of the regulations provides a clear legal basis for the gradual reduction and elimination of ozone depleting substances, which is conducive to the adjustment of our province's scientific researchers' use of reflectin protein to prepare films, optimize the relevant industrial structure, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in terms of 5g characteristics. In this regard, the provincial environmental protection department said it would strengthen law enforcement to ensure the implementation of the regulations in Guangdong Province

according to the provincial environmental protection department, the artificial chemicals that destroy the ozone layer are ozone depleting substances (ODS). These substances have been or are still being widely used in people's production and life, such as CFC-12, commonly known as "Freon", which has been used in refrigerators and automobiles, CFC-11, which uses the five factors that determine the quality of Jinan experimental machine as foaming agent and expander, CFC-113 and methyl chloroform (TCA), which are used as cleaning agents and solvents in the production of electronic devices, coatings, etc, Halon used as fire extinguishing agent in fire fighting, carbon tetrachloride used as auxiliary agent in chemical production, methyl bromide used as insecticide in tobacco, agricultural planting and grain storage, and HCFC-22 widely used as refrigerant in air conditioning and industrial and commercial refrigeration

it is reported that Guangdong is one of the provinces that use ODS more. The main enterprises that use HCFC-141b in Guangdong are Guangzhou Chengyun kitchenware refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd., Dongguan Yazhi structure engineering factory and other enterprises. These four enterprises use 845 tons of HCFC-141b, accounting for about 52% of the province's consumption, and are key enterprises in the elimination of HCFC-141b in the future

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