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Regulations to be observed when using the steel bar straightener

1 The straightening machine must be installed smoothly. The material rack and material trough should be fully benefited from the excellent performance of carbon fiber. They should be straight and aligned with the center line of the guide cylinder, straightening cylinder and the hole cut by the lower knife. The motor must be provided with reliable neutral protection

2. Evaluate the brightness change of the impacted part again according to the straightening steel; Then, the diameter of the high-temperature storage bar of the sample shall be measured, and the straightening block and speed shall be selected. The reinforcement shorter than 2m or with diameter greater than 9mm shall be straightened at a low speed

3. No rebar shall be penetrated before the straightening block is fixed and the protective cover is covered. It is forbidden to open the protective cover and adjust the clearance between the tensile testing machine and the electronic universal testing machine during operation. It is forbidden to operate with gloves

4. Before feeding, the non straight head shall be cut off. A 1m long steel pipe shall be installed in front of the guide cylinder. The reinforcement must pass through the steel pipe before being sent to the guide hole at the front end of the straightener. After the steel bar is penetrated, a certain distance must be kept between the hand and the pressing roller

5. It is not allowed to put tools and objects on the machine to avoid vibration falling on the machine body

6. The disc reinforcement shall be placed on the ring rack stably. When the wire is disordered or the reinforcement is off the rack, the machine must be shut down for treatment

7. The straightened reinforcement must be divided into small bundles according to the specification and the number of pieces. The scattered reinforcement shall be cleaned at any time, the repeatability of the test shall be low, and the reinforcement shall be stacked neatly

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