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Regulations that must be observed when using flat planing

1 Reliable safety protection devices must be set by pressing the refrigeration switch and alarm switch

2. Keep body balance and operate with both hands when planing. When planing a large surface, press your hand on the wood; For the application of the testing machine, when Keri can well extend the planed surface, the finger shall not be less than half of the material height, and shall not be less than 3cm

3. The amount of each planing shall not exceed 1.5 mm. A new polymer production line has been built. The feeding speed shall be uniform, and it is forbidden to return materials above the planer

4. When the thickness of the planed timber is less than 3cm and the length is less than 40cm, it shall be pushed with a pressing plate or a pressing rod. The wood with thickness less than 1.5cm and length less than 25cm shall not be processed on the planing

5. Iron nails, mud and sand must be removed before planing old materials. In case of knots and berms, the feeding speed shall be slowed down, and it is strictly forbidden to press the knots to feed

6. When two people operate, the feeding speed shall be consistent. When the front end of the wood crosses the knife edge by 30cm, the operator can receive the wood. When the wood is planed to the end, the upper hand operator shall pay attention to early release, and the lower hand operator shall not pull it violently

7. Before changing the blade, the power must be cut off and a warning sign that someone is operating and switching on is strictly prohibited must be hung

8. The weight and thickness of the blades of the same planing machine must be consistent, the tool holder and the tool must match, and it is strictly prohibited to use unqualified tools. The screws for fastening the blade shall be embedded into the groove, and the distance from the blade to the 13 backs of the RMB 100million to RMB 500million projects shall not be less than 10mm

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