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The Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued several opinions on strengthening the production and operation management of melamine to further clarify the dominant position of production enterprises, with special emphasis on strengthening the management of product production and ex factory sales, so as to strictly prevent the recurrence of melamine pollution from the source

the opinion points out that new construction, reconstruction The expansion of melamine production plant shall be reported to the local industrial authority that "the chemical fiber industry no longer only uses this plant to use the process line of bulk precipitation method in the traditional textile and clothing case, and shall notify the local industrial authority before the plant is put into operation. The production enterprise shall be honest and trustworthy, produce and operate according to law, establish and improve the product production and warehousing account; the product packaging shall be registered and numbered, and printed with" strictly prohibited for food and feed processing " identification; It is prohibited to commission 28 high-quality carbon structural steel brackets for production or OEM production

in terms of ex factory sales management, melamine manufacturers should strictly manage ex factory sales. First, they should establish a user registration system, check the effective qualifications of the purchasing enterprises, and understand the purpose of purchasing melamine. Second, a user commitment system should be established, requiring the purchasing enterprises to promise that the purchased melamine will not be used for food and feed processing. Third, establish a factory sales account to ensure authenticity, completeness and traceability. Fourth, melamine waste should be managed as melamine products

in addition, the Opinions also calls for further raising the industry access threshold and strengthening the industry access management. In the construction, reconstruction and expansion of melamine plants, measures such as technological progress, energy conservation and emission reduction, and comprehensive utilization of resources should be taken into account. The new plant shall be constructed by relying on the existing chemical enterprises such as synthetic ammonia, urea, soda ash and ammonium bicarbonate. The energy consumption per ton of product of the new plant shall be controlled below 1200 kg of standard coal, the urea consumption shall not be more than 3200 kg, and the waste water and gas shall be discharged up to the standard. The technical transformation of the existing devices should be strengthened to achieve the above indicators by the end of 2014

the Opinions also requires that the production enterprises should regularly submit production and ex factory sales information and accept relevant verification

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