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More than months after the regulations on reconstituted milk were issued, enterprises pretended to be stupid and quality inspection departments pretended to be deaf. Since October 15, the regulations of the general office of the State Council on the marking of reconstituted milk products on the packaging have been issued for one month. After visiting Beijing, Taiyuan, Hohhot and other markets, it was found that large dairy enterprises "pretended to be deaf and dumb" to the regulations of the State Council office, and basically did not mark the recovered milk on their products, while some small enterprises marked the recovered milk products according to the regulations, which were ignored by consumers

took the lead in marking "reconstituted milk", but it was regarded as recycled milk

interviewed the tensile bond strength test between commercial adhesives and cement mortar in Beijing, Taiyuan, Hohhot and other places (jgj144 ⑵ 004 technical specification for exterior wall external insulation engineering); Tensile bond strength test of adhesive bonded with EPS board (jgj144 ⑵ 004 technical specification for exterior wall external insulation engineering); Compressive shear bond strength test of ceramic tile adhesive (jc/t547 ⑴ 994 ceramic tile adhesive); Bond strength test of ceramic tile adhesive (jc/t547 ⑴ 994 ceramic tile adhesive) tensile bond strength test of synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coating (jg/t24 ⑵ 000 synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coating); Bond strength test of putty for building exterior wall (jg/t157 ⑵ 004 putty for building exterior wall) tensile bond performance test of putty for building interior (jg/t3049 ⑴ 998 putty for building interior); Although the experimental machine is a comprehensive market and supermarket in terms of both function and use, it is found that although the national regulations on the identification of reconstituted milk have been formally implemented for one month, the reconstituted milk products in the market have been kept under wraps, while the well-behaved enterprises have recently suffered a decline in sales due to the misunderstanding of consumers on the concept of reconstituted milk

Hangzhou Weiquan company is the first enterprise in China to take the initiative to mark "reconstituted milk". The plastic utilization of the company has exceeded 50% of the total amount of food packaging materials. The packaging of yogurt series products produced by the company after October 15 has been labeled with "reconstituted milk". However, after the company's labeled products were launched, although the on-site salespeople spared no effort to introduce the products to consumers that had not changed, after seeing the label of reconstituted milk, most consumers who had planned to buy weiquanyou yogurt chose to give up

"due to the low recognition of reconstituted milk, many consumers have misunderstandings about reconstituted milk and associate reconstituted milk with recycled milk." A sales person in charge of Weiquan Beijing Branch reluctantly told me. As the first enterprise to label reconstituted milk in China, it has been so snubbed by the market that the sales staff of the enterprise are embarrassed

wuxinling, product manager of Weiquan planning department, said that the so-called reconstituted milk is to use milk powder instead of raw milk as raw material to restore and produce yogurt, which is not the same as recycled milk. Wuxinling explained that Weiquan dairy products have been developed in Taiwan for 40 years, and began to enter the mainland market in 2003. However, the mainland has no own milk source, so the company chooses pollution-free milk powder as raw material from New Zealand. Even so, the recent sales of Weiquan products after the addition of standards have fallen sharply

also checked the dairy products of Guangming, Yili, Mengniu, Sanyuan, Sanlu, Gucheng and other brands, and found that they were not marked with "recovered milk". However, many manufacturers have played a marginal role in marking the information of "reconstituted milk": some yoghurt products quietly mark "milk powder" in the column of ingredients, but do not mention it on the packaging; Some give consumers a "calculation problem", which only emphasizes that the content of fresh milk is greater than or equal to 85% in the ingredients, while the content of milk powder is vague

wangdingmian, director of the China Dairy Association, told us that the reason why these large enterprises are secretive is that under the circumstances of such fierce market competition and immature consumers, it may be a disaster for those who take the risk of "reconstituted milk" first. Therefore, these large enterprises are waiting to see

it is not that there is no "reconstituted milk", but that the quality inspection department did not detect it.

in the interview with Yili, Mengniu, Sanlu, Gucheng and other domestic dairy giants, these large dairy enterprises said that they did not produce reconstituted milk, so they could not mark "reconstituted milk" on their products

however, wangdingmian said that there must be some domestic enterprises producing reconstituted milk at present. Taking Guangdong Province as an example, only about 30% of fresh milk is sourced, which indicates that 60% - 70% of liquid milk in the market is produced with reconstituted milk. However, as these enterprises are worried that the use of reconstituted milk will affect sales, few enterprises are willing to publicly admit this fact and continue to hold a wait-and-see attitude

niugensheng, chairman of Mengniu Dairy Group, admitted that they used about 20% of reconstituted milk in the production of yogurt before, and immediately stopped using raw milk as raw material after receiving the notice from the State Council. Yili, Guangming, Gucheng and other enterprises also said that they used to use a bit of reconstituted milk in yogurt, but now they have stopped

are there any reconstituted milk in the products of these large enterprises? Ask these enterprises if there is any liquid milk product test report, and these enterprises all say no. The enterprise believes that because no milk powder is used in production, there is no need for testing, so it has not been sent to the testing agency for testing, and the testing department has not taken the initiative to the enterprise for testing

however, these enterprises also spoke of their maladjustment. "It is difficult to turn around at once". Considering the cost and the large amount of old packaging in stock, it takes a long time for enterprises to completely change the outer packaging. According to Mengniu Dairy Group, the packaging of liquid milk products will be ordered for half a year. It is estimated that the existing packaging will not be used until the first half of next year. If these packages are thrown away, it will be a great loss to the enterprise. In addition, designing and customizing new packaging can not be completed in oneortwo months

although it is an objective fact that the preparation period of the new regulations on reconstituted milk issued by the State Council office is short, large dairy enterprises are "deaf and dumb", indicating that many enterprises are waiting and taking chances. This not only challenges the seriousness of national decrees, but also ignores and infringes the rights and interests of consumers. At the same time, large enterprises "pretend to be deaf and dumb" to the new regulations of the State Council. The most important thing is that the quality inspection department is slow to act and fails to grasp the "handle" of these enterprises

what is the quality inspection department waiting for

according to the current implementation of the new regulations on "reconstituted milk" by the State Council office, the biggest problem is that the market supervision and document implementation are not synchronized. Wanghuaibao, vice president of China Dairy Association, said that since the new policy of the State Council does not prohibit enterprises from producing reconstituted milk, there are still many uncertain factors whether enterprises can put real fresh milk on the counter. Moreover, in practice, whether consumers can drink real fresh milk is directly related to whether the government regulatory authorities can strictly enforce the law and carefully inspect and supervise

whether it is reconstituted milk or real fresh milk can not be distinguished by sight, hand touch and mouth taste, which can only be detected by a specific instrument. However, from the current situation, since the quality inspection department has not yet tested the standard of reconstituted milk, it is difficult to effectively supervise the enterprise, resulting in the delay of relevant departments in implementing the synchronous supervision with the policies of the State Council office

it is learned from the State Administration of quality supervision that at present, the formal standard for testing reconstituted milk is still under study, and it is still difficult to test whether the liquid milk circulating in the market contains reconstituted milk. Although the Ministry of Agriculture recently issued the standard of identification of reconstituted milk in pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk, which proposed a technical route to determine whether pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk contain reconstituted milk components according to the content of furosine and lactulose in liquid milk, no official national test standard has been found

however, some people believe that the reason why the quality inspection department has not tested the recovered milk produced by dairy enterprises, especially large enterprises, which will be greatly recovered from the orders of extruder enterprises is that there are deviations in the formulation of national standards. In particular, last year, the National Standardization Management Committee issued the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food and the guidelines for the implementation of national standards for food labeling, It is stipulated that the "fresh milk" label will be banned from October, 2005

this provision is intended to protect the rights and interests of consumers. However, many experts believe that this practice makes it impossible to distinguish the process and quality of dairy products. It confuses the difference between fresh milk and reconstituted milk in concept, and provides enterprises with an opportunity to reduce production costs and improve enterprise benefits by reducing the proportion of fresh milk processing and increasing the reduced products of milk powder, thus damaging the rights and interests of consumers

some experts pointed out that the differences between the quality inspection departments in the formulation and implementation of standards have to some extent caused their dilemma in the detection of reconstituted milk. As a result, many dairy enterprises can muddle through as long as they do not verbally admit that their products contain reconstituted milk. It is also difficult to distinguish whether the dairy products in the market are "Li Kui" or "Li Gui", and consumers continue to be deceived

Ms. Chen, a citizen of Beijing, said: "the State Council's logo on recovered milk can not solve all the problems. If the regulatory authorities do not care, or just thunder but no rain, bluster, and do not carry out substantive supervision and punishment, those enterprises that are crazy for profits are very likely to change their soup without changing their medicine, and continue to deceive consumers. Everyone is likely to have to drink 'confused milk'!"

information source: Xinhua

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