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Save enterprises struggling in the cold winter with low-cost marketing

in just a few months, the economic earthquake quickly spread to the world, and all walks of life have entered the cold winter. Many heavyweight institutions and enterprises have changed things and people

let's recall that three of the five major financial institutions on Wall Street no longer exist: Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley survived, and the two housing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the government (in exchange for the government's rescue plan). AIG, one of the world's largest insurance companies, has now become state-owned (the government provided up to $85billion in aid funds, and then allocated more than $30billion in exchange for taking over control of the company)

winter has indeed come. Everyone has fully appreciated the cold of winter. Chinese enterprises are undergoing unprecedented tests. They are generally in the situation of low-end, low price and low profit, and many enterprises are struggling on the edge of life and death

the special and new materials of Lange Zhiyang international marketing consulting agency are the basic conditions for improving the material support of military weapons and equipment and Quartermaster Equipment and improving the degree of informatization. Experts pointed out that many enterprises generally enter products, advertisements, promotions, brands, channels Homogenization dead end of execution, etc

therefore, facing the cold winter, our enterprises must find their own "winter" methods

the "low-cost market startup" mode advocated by Lange Zhiyang organization is a sharp weapon for enterprises to survive the winter, which has established Lange Zhiyang's position in the whole industry. Moreover, Lange Zhiyang international marketing consulting organization is the first organization in the industry to put forward the "low-cost market startup" mode and the concepts of "refined marketing", "diversified terminal promotion" and "service reputation" combined marketing, And has achieved success in the market operation of many enterprises. Its typical cases have been published in more than 170 professional financial newspapers and periodicals across the country, causing great shock in the industry and having a far-reaching impact on the entire marketing consulting industry

the marketing model established by Lange Zhiyang international marketing consulting agency is the first in the consulting industry

as we all know, the high input and low output or even no output of Chinese enterprises have long been the pain of many operators. For example, the marketing mode of Chinese medical and health products has been copied so fast that it can be said that it has reached an astonishing point. From health products to gifts, from pharmacies to stores, from advertising marketing to TV direct sales, from conference marketing to tourism marketing, health products enterprises still seem to have not gotten rid of the "three board axe" of traditional marketing

in fact, when enterprises plunge into this abyss one after another, it also means that they can no longer find their own excitement after making the "three axes". Too many enterprises advocate short-term operation, which has been booming for a year or two. They have invested a lot of human and material resources. As a result, they just spent money and became a "copper merchant" who brought money to the media. To tell the truth, the kind of extensive practice of holding a big flag and fooling around is not surprising. Everyone is willing to do things that are icing on the cake, and who won't be the owner of throwing money? If enterprises want to survive and develop in the competition, only low-cost marketing is the real effort of the market, and only profit is the ultimate right to speak

the boss of every enterprise hopes to get the maximum benefit from his products with the least investment, but this is sometimes contradictory. When the balance of payments of enterprises cannot be solved, it is empty talk to talk too much about low cost

Lange Zhiyang international marketing consulting agency believes that in the fierce market competition, it is difficult for enterprises to rely on "tactical victory" for products. What the current market needs is the enterprise's resource integration ability. That is, concentrate advantageous resources and integrate other relevant resources. If you have great advantages in the field of marketing, you can integrate resources in the field of product production; If you have brand advantages, you can do OEM; If you have network advantages, you can use network to integrate the product lines of manufacturers...

for most enterprises, in terms of capital, technology and strength, they cannot be compared with super large enterprises, but they also need to survive, develop and benefit. There may be thousands of ways to go, but the most fundamental one should be to "integrate their own resources" to the best of the enterprise's ability, and actively seek a way out for the development of the enterprise according to the value-added and expanded resources. Among the elements of technology, capital, talents, sales network, products, brands, marketing, management level and core competitiveness of the enterprise, you must know where your advantages are, and which social resources we can make use of, such as "after politics, click the" add data "button, policies and regulations, consumers, dealers, advertisements, retailers, media, social groups" and so on. Then the enterprise resources and social resources are fully combined and used to create a characteristic, standard, win-win and operable marketing behavior

for example, if you have advantages in marketing, capital and talents, you can choose oneortwo products with selling points and characteristics to package them well, and it is not impossible to concentrate on superior forces, capital and energy to operate them all over the country; If you have advantages in sales network, you can refine the network, sell and integrate the communication. In short, it is to use advantages to integrate disadvantages or weaknesses to achieve the purpose of integration

Mr. Yu Fei, a famous brand marketing expert, pointed out that there are many domestic entrepreneurs who do not know how to succeed or how to fail. The vast majority of Chinese enterprises do not have strategies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises do not understand strategies at all. The so-called strategy is just a simple idea or plan. It is the practice of most entrepreneurs to look at it step by step

nowadays, planning is very important for enterprises. This is not the era of ideas, nor the era of simple promotion, but the era of systematic marketing. All links are interrelated and affect each other. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, which requires our planning to keep up. When there are problems in the market and the products, personnel and teams are excellent, don't always complain that the market is difficult to do, but reflect deeply on whether there are loopholes in the planning process and whether systematic and creative planning has been done. There are always some operators who boast that their products are excellent, better than similar products on the market, and even slander major competitive brands. This mentality is very natural, but the problem is that they have not done a good job in their products. Whether the product is good or not, there must be a good market! Good products just lay the foundation for success! Nowadays, in the era of "wine is also afraid of deep alleys", without good business ideas and good marketing plans, good products will still miss the market

many Chinese enterprises often start market operation as soon as their products come out, or directly invite some operators of other enterprises to sell their products without modification in the way they are familiar with. In the whole process, enterprises do not conduct scientific analysis according to their own situation and the actual market situation. The result is a lot of input, little output, and losses and closures often occur. Under modern market conditions, enterprises without the concept of planning, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are difficult to gain a foothold in the market. The core of the planning is to determine the strategic planning of the enterprise and develop tactical marketing according to the positioning. Strategic planning requires enterprises to clarify their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and determine the development direction and competitive strategy of the enterprise based on them. Whether they prefer to be the chicken head rather than the phoenix tail, or the chicken tail rather than the chicken head, whether they are shooting at the weak points of their rivals, or against the needle peak of their rivals, whether they pursue short-term profits or care about long-term development, they should have a clear enterprise planning. Under the guidance of the strategic framework, the project research team will continue to improve the basic strategies such as products, prices, channels and promotions, and the relevant processes can be easily solved

as for many development oriented enterprises of environmental friendly 3D printing materials of altllc, they survive and develop in serious turbulence and changes, such as imperfect networks, incomplete resources, unstable teams, insufficient funds and so on. The current cold winter is a major test for our enterprise

Mr. Yu Fei pointed out that in fact, there is no day when you can feel secure in business, because you will encounter many problems to be solved every day. If your enterprise or product goes smoothly, it can only be said that the problems of your enterprise or product are solved well, and no enterprise will go smoothly. The "blue hurricane class" - the ace classic course "successfully launching a model market at low cost" launched by Lange Zhiyang institution is designed to solve this long-standing problem for many enterprises, It includes:

new product positioning: achieve new product strategic planning that takes into account "low-cost quick start" and "long-term development"

brand remodeling: how to make old varieties achieve brand remodeling and improvement under limited resources

marketing preparation: achieve whole case planning under low-cost strategy

team formation: achieve a marketing team combination with 100% tactical execution, Build a marketing "Iron Army" with strong execution

channel planning: how to establish a high degree of loyalty in the distribution system through the implementation of interest marketing ideas

quick start: achieve "more, faster, better and less" Tactical comprehensive marketing promotion

model market: how to quickly achieve successful investment attraction through the construction of model market

mode summary: achieve the wide promotion of successful experience in model market

successful investment attraction: achieve the maximum utilization of channel resources, etc.

at present, all walks of life are following the trend, and Jiping has reached the point of madness. Many enterprises' products have no innovation in technology from listing to death, If you only know imitation, the emergence of any new product will seriously threaten your own product

you should know that the competition of enterprises is a systematic competition. After the industry has entered a mature period, the competition between enterprises is becoming more and more intense. You can't expect that next year will be better than this year, and the next year will be better than next year. As a member of the market, you have to face it and adapt to it. Why don't we say that the strong survive and the big survive, but that the fittest survive? That is, you must be able to adapt to the changes in the market environment and not complain blindly. This includes many factors such as your cost, brand, R & D and marketing

different enterprises will have different competitive focus in different stages. The larger the proportion of development and marketing in the cost structure of a good enterprise, the better the production and operation status and the greater the profit space. Now everyone is reducing production costs and slowly transferring the whole cost to publicity investment. In this way, they will no longer be able to manipulate research and development and engage in independent innovation. As a result, they will only lead to the homogenization of industrial products, and products can only constantly compete in price and fight a bloody war in the terminal market. This is very disadvantageous. The biggest difference between Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises may lie in

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