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Fearing the financial crisis, siveco decided to invest in the technology R & D center in China. As the largest maintenance management system (MMS) supplier in Europe and the largest maintenance consulting company in China, siveco announced that it had decided to invest in the technology R & D center in China. The decision was announced by Mr. Bruno lhopiteau, general manager of siveco China, at a major urban transportation conference held in Wuhan, attended by government dignitaries, advanced enterprises in the infrastructure industry and many equipment manufacturers

in an interview with Wuhan TV channel 1 after the meeting, Mr. Bruno said: "I am very proud of this, because at present, many multinational companies are implementing layoffs, and siveco is doing the opposite. It decided to establish a research and development center in China to accelerate the pace of its investment in China. I believe this decision reflects the success of our development plan in China, which can not only start from its own perspective, but more importantly, it has realized siveco's commitment to long-term investment in the Chinese market."

The new R & D center will be dedicated to developing innovative mobile device maintenance solutions. Different from the 250 w/s that can be reached in the technical detection of the new national standard combustion growth rate index, it is required that traditional suppliers simply transplant the PC interface to mobile hardware. Siveco will customize a truly innovative user operation platform for customers, so as to help technicians easily acquire technical knowledge, so as to assist their daily decisions, such as diagnosis, fault handling, etc. This new solution has been successfully applied by siveco in plant maintenance group in the project, and will also complement the existing coswin mobile technology

as far as the R & D center is concerned, three maintenance experts will be responsible for designing and developing the functions of mobile solutions and ergonomics. It is estimated that 41030 new aircraft will be needed in the world in the next 20 years. At the same time, there is also a software development team that will specially formulate personalized solutions for customers' special needs. In addition, siveco will also reach cooperation agreements with software and hardware suppliers to support the smooth delivery of the program

about siveco China

siveco is the first property management system and maintenance management system MMS (also known as EAM) software supplier in Europe, with more than 3000 users in more than 60 countries around the world. Siveco regards three industries as its landmark industries: manufacturing, infrastructure and property management. By implementing innovative maintenance management solutions, siveco enables enterprises to optimize their asset structure and reduce their operating costs while improving equipment safety

Founded in 1986, siveco group is headquartered in Paris, France, and its R & D center is located in Montpellier, southern France. Siveco's global customers include EDF, GDF Suez, Danone, Athens Olympic property, Singapore metro, etc., one of the world's largest power companies

Founded in Shanghai in 2004, siveco China now has customers including Beijing Oriental Plaza, Saint Gobain group, IKEA, Arnold Wiggins Chenming specialty paper, Danfoss group, etc

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