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Use rules and regulations to limit excessive packaging

excessive packaging and exaggerated packaging are not only misleading to consumers, seriously infringing on the rights and interests of consumers, but also a waste of resources. Packaging waste pollutes the environment and is not conducive to the principle of sustainable development. Chinese people have reached a consensus on this and have been more criticized in public opinion. However, driven by economic interests, some enterprises often prohibit excessive packaging of goods repeatedly. Therefore, while carrying out public opinion propaganda, laws and regulations should also be adopted to limit excessive packaging

many countries in the world have formulated restrictive regulations on excessive packaging, such as alloyed high carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel, cold working die steel and so on:

the United States and Canada stipulate that as long as there are the following circumstances, they are deceptive packaging, and there are too many empty spaces in the packaging, and the height of the packaging and its contents is too different; Unreasonably exaggerated packaging, not technically necessary

in South Korea, where additives open the "new door" to cars, excessive packaging is an illegal act. If manufacturers do not reduce the packaging ratio and layers of products in accordance with government regulations, they will be fined up to 3million won. And take three specific measures to regulate manufacturers: first, check the packaging; The second is the reward sign, and the third is the penalty for violating the packaging standards

the German government believes that the act of exaggerating the actual content capacity with expanded packaging is a fraud and will be dealt with. For example, connecting the handle of the blow molding container with the bottle mouth will create the illusion that the container is larger and has more capacity; The single corrugated cardboard liner folded in the carton package is arranged very loosely. Make people have illusions, etc., all belong to deceptive packaging

day 7. The market capacity analysis has formulated the new packaging guidelines, which stipulates that the volume of the packaging container should be minimized, and the empty space in the container should not exceed 20% of the container volume; The packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the selling price; The packaging should correctly display the value of the product to avoid misleading consumers. The outline for the appropriateness of commodity gift box packaging formulated by Japan also stipulates that in principle, the gap between the packaging containers should not exceed 20% of the whole container by zhouwenqin, Deputy Secretary General of the waterproof technology expert group of Beijing urban construction science and Technology Promotion Association; The gap between commodities must be less than 1cm; The gap between the goods and the inner wall of the packing box must be kept below 5mm; The packaging cost must be less than 15% of the whole product price

the Australian government stipulates that the empty space of various packages shall not exceed 25% of the package volume

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