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Precautions for flower shops when packaging flowers

do not damage the image of the flowers themselves

there is no regulation that "only the flowers can be beautiful". Packaging only plays an auxiliary role, and the main body is the flower itself, so the image of the flower itself cannot be damaged in the process of packaging

it should meet the requirements of customers

when packaging, it should not only meet the requirements of customers, but also take into account the age, gender, hobbies, etc. of the party receiving the gift

it is necessary to combine time, place, purpose, atmosphere, etc.

before packaging, it is necessary to understand the purpose of sending flowers to customers, whether it is for congratulation, expressing love, or visiting patients. Different packaging should be selected for different situations

you can't only use your own skilled packaging methods

you can't only use your most skilled methods, which will not only make no progress, but also be farther and farther away from popularity. We should choose the packaging method that conforms to the popular trend, and strive to create new packaging methods on this basis

try to keep the fresh flowers during transportation and prevent them from being damaged

flowers for bouquets should be made and the design of cartons should meet the requirements; If the strength of the tested carton fails to meet the safety and pressure resistance standard for fresh-keeping treatment, soak the flowers in a container soaked with preservative before making a bouquet. In packaging 2.2 the selection of a/d converter and the design of peripheral circuit should take into account the length of time required for the transportation of flowers after packaging and the distance of the road. We should ensure that the water wrapped under the flower stems will not flow out during transportation, and choose the packaging that can keep the flowers fresh for a long time

we should pay more attention to the cost

although it improves the merchantability of flowers, not all flowers are wrapped as luxuriantly as possible. Excessive packaging will increase costs, so we should grasp the degree and not waste

flexible use of various decorations

flexible use of ribbons, beads, bright powder and other small decorations can add a lot of color to the packaging

be sure to review the whole again after completion

check whether the whole is balanced and firm after packaging

inform the customer of the essentials and maintenance methods of sending flowers

when the package is completed and handed over to the customer, inform the other party of the essentials of holding flowers, transportation methods, maintenance knowledge and the etiquette of sending flowers. At the same time, we can further improve the quality of oil products and give a small bag of fresh flower preservative to the customer free of charge to prolong the flowering period. High quality flower baskets and bouquets will attract customers to buy again

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