Precautions for hanging operation when binding the

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precautions for hanging operation when binding reinforcement

I. when binding reinforcement and installing reinforcement framework, scaffolds and packways must be erected

II. When binding reinforcement such as ring beam, cantilever beam, cornice, outer wall and side column, the operation platform should be set up and hung safely. The binding of suspended girder reinforcement must be carried out on the scaffold or operation platform with the goods made of recycled plates, glued plates and other materials packed full of scaffold boards

III. when binding the column and wall reinforcement, do not stand on the reinforcement skeleton or climb up and down the skeleton. Column reinforcement within 3M. First of all, according to the common faults and maintenance methods of the manhole cover pressure tester in the manufacturer's user manual, the replacement guide for imported products from Japan, South Korea, Germany and so on can be realized. The equipment can be simply handled, bound on the ground or floor, and erected as a whole. Operation platform must be set up when binding column reinforcement of more than 3m

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