Precautions for maintenance of aerial work vehicle

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Precautions for the maintenance of aerial work vehicles in autumn

as the saying goes, every autumn rain is cool. With every autumn rain, you will suddenly feel a chill when you get up in the morning. Approaching autumn, people are most likely to catch a cold and get sick. Aerial work vehicles, such as people, are also prone to one or another problems if they are not taken care of well. Under the condition of increasing temperature rise and fall, many external or internal parts such as circuits, air conditioners, tires and so on are prone to problems. Timely and comprehensive maintenance is very important for aerial work vehicles to spend the autumn smoothly and drive safely and smoothly every day

if the tread is too shallow, replace the new tire in time

the high temperature in summer also allows the braided tow to realize self-support in the three-dimensional ply process of any situation to prevent the tire from bursting due to excessive tire pressure. In addition, these media are relatively viscous liquids. Check the tire pressure frequently, and when the temperature drops in autumn, supplement the pressure to keep it within the specified pressure range. At the same time, you should also check whether the tire has scratches, because the rubber is easy to harden in autumn and winter, and the tire is easy to leak or puncture

in addition, in early autumn, it often rains, so car owners have to drive all over the street in rainy days, which is easy to make the aerial work vehicle deviate. This is because some car owners usually don't pay much attention to the tread of the tires. When the tread is too shallow, the road is slippery in rainy days, and the tires of aerial vehicles lack the friction with the ground to enhance the film blowing machine to the high-end level. At this time, the vehicle will run away, so the braking distance will be extended, resulting in traffic accidents. At this time, the requirements for tires are also correspondingly improved, so it is necessary to check the wear degree of the tire pattern. If the depth of the tire pattern is less than 1.6mm, replace it with a new tire. The repaired tire should be replaced with the rear wheel, and the tire repaired more than 3 times should be replaced. In addition, the tread of the tire also has the function of drainage, and it is easy to attach stones, sands, etc. to the tire after the rain, which will affect the displacement of the tire. In order to avoid such things, car owners can choose waterproof tires, and the effect should be good

remove the oxide of the battery

the electrode wiring of the battery is prone to problems in the alternate seasons of summer and autumn, so pay attention to maintenance. During the inspection, if green oxides are found at the electrode wiring, remember to wash them off with boiling water. If these green oxides are not removed, it will cause insufficient power generation of the generator and make the battery in a state of power loss. In serious cases, it will cause the early scrapping of the battery or the inability to drive. After washing with boiled water, blow the water dry with compressed air, and then spray with special protective agent to prevent the reoccurrence of oxide layer

spark plugs should also be checked and maintained

the ignition system is related to whether the aerial work vehicle can be started. When entering the autumn, car owners should carefully check these parts, especially some plug parts, to see if they are rusty. Once rusty, they should use professional cleaning agents. In the selection of cleaning agents and use after passing the personnel, we should also choose the maintenance products of regular car beauty and maintenance stores to achieve the best effect. The maintenance of spark plugs is also important. Once there is a problem, it will cause the vehicle to shake or stop

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