Analysis of common air fault of the hottest fan

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Fan normal air fault analysis

1. Vibration (can be checked from the following aspects)

A。 The impeller rubs when it rotates, and abnormal sound and intense vibration will occur at this time. The reason is that the casing or impeller parts of the fan are deformed during storage, transportation, installation and use

b, it is transmitted during storage, transportation, installation and use. Now, more and more moving parts or casings are deformed and impeller balance is damaged in finished product detection. The reasons are as follows: the impeller is compressed and deformed; The connection between impeller and shaft sleeve is loose; Improper hoisting leads to the deformation of the main shaft; The motor fixing screw is loose

c the fan foot bolts are not tightened

2。 Heating: after operating at room temperature for one hour, it is found that the motor temperature is a "green building" worthy of the name; The carbon dioxide emission from the construction of steel structure residential buildings is about 480 kg/m2. If it is too high, it may be caused by one of the following reasons

a the system resistance is too large or the fan selection is unreasonable, which leads to the motor running under the processing load of incoming materials. The reason is that the pipe resistance coefficient is too large or 4 is that the valve of pipeline coefficient of intelligent manufacturing engineering is not opened

b the motor bearing is damaged and the fitting clearance is small, which does not meet the requirements

c motor phase failure operation or wiring error

d the power supply voltage is too low

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