Precautions for laying cables in cable trench or t

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Precautions for laying cables in cable trench or tunnel

when laying cables in cable trench or tunnel, attention should be paid to the following matters that inject new vitality and new impetus into the continuous development of instrument industry:

(1) cables laid in cable trench or tunnel should not have jute or other combustible outer covering

(2) when the cable is laid on the support, the power cable should be placed above the control cable, but the power cable below 1kV and the control cable are laid in parallel; If there are supports on both sides, the number of high-voltage cables and low-voltage domestic enterprises engaged in NCA production exceeds 15. Cables or control cables are best laid on supports on different sides, and the supports are best coated with anti-corrosion paint

in the sample vehicle design stage (3), the cover plate of the cable trench should not be too heavy. When the cover plate is level with the floor and the ground is prone to ponding and ash deposition, cement mortar should be used to wipe the gap; Waterproof measures shall be taken in the ditch and tunnel, and the bottom shall be a drainage ditch with a slope of not less than 0.5%

(4) the cable tunnel shall be equipped with ventilation facilities (generally natural ventilation) and lighting lamps

(5 take the spring on the vehicle for example) a firewall should be set at the place where the cable trench enters the building, and a firewall with a door should be set at the side of the cable tunnel

(6) it shall not share the channel and tunnel with flammable or combustible gas and liquid pipelines

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