Precautions for gas cutting operation under the ho

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Precautions for underground gas cutting operation

1. Before operation, oxygen cylinders must be checked to provide users with a full set of testing equipment, acetylene cylinders, cutting tools and other operating tools in good condition

2. Oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders must be bound firmly during transportation, and a certain (for you to solve your doubts) what is the reason why the installation of hydraulic universal testing machine needs the guidance of the manufacturer? Safety distance, and strictly abide by its use regulations. It is not allowed to drive with grease, inflammables and explosives. Handle with care during handling. Throwing and rolling are strictly prohibited

3. Before operation, the safety condition of the operation site must be checked, and the roof and coal slope must be checked for potential safety hazards. The operation can be started only after it is confirmed to be safe

4. Remove inflammables and explosives such as oil and cotton yarn within 10 meters before and after the operation site

5. The operation site must be equipped with at least two intact fire extinguishers in case of emergency in case of fire, and the operators must be able to use the fire extinguishers

6. Before operation, a special person should be assigned to spray water on the construction site. Before and after the operation, a pair of main machines should use a frame level to level 0 meters in two directions perpendicular to each other on the outer ring of the working oil cylinder (or column)

7. Send a part-time tile inspector to check the gas concentration at the operation site at any time when the wear is not large. The operation can only be started when the gas concentration is less than 0.5%

8. Before operation, check again whether there are unsafe factors in and around the work place, whether the tools and instruments are intact and qualified, and start work after confirmation

9. Before operation, construction personnel must be organized to learn this measure

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