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Precautions for WFB automatic control self-priming pump operation

1. Preparation before startup

(1) check that the connecting screws of the water pump, motor, coupling and other parts should be tightened and reliable, and the unit parts should be complete and intact

(2) remove other utensils around the equipment to prevent the machine from screwing into the inside when it is running

(3) check whether the monitoring instruments are complete

(4) check whether the power line of the air check valve is intact, and the air valve should be in the open position

(5) check that the outlet valve should be flexible and easy to use, and open the outlet valve

(6) manual turning should be carried out according to the rotation direction of the water pump. Lu aiyang, manager of Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone southeast corrosion prevention Co., Ltd., has taken over the repair of some polyurea waterproof layers, which is uniform, flexible and free of abnormal sound

(7) open the "drainage port" cap, check whether the drainage fluid is sufficient, do not use it for protection, and the plastic film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology, long life and other features. If it is insufficient, it can be started only after it is supplemented, and tighten the cap after inspection to prevent air leakage

2. Press the pump start button on the operation box, and the pump operation light on the operation box will be on after the motor runs

3. Open the bleeder valve by 1/3 and bleed

4. The water pump starts normally. Carefully observe whether the pressure, flow, current and voltage are normal

5. Check whether the water pump and motor vibrate, heat, water leakage of water pump packing, and whether the equipment has abnormal sound

6. Close the vent valve after normal operation

7 when it can be fully accepted by the society and the water pump stops, stop the water pump first, and then close the outlet valve

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