Precautions for maintenance of the hottest combine

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Care notes for combine harvester

the maintenance of combine harvester must be done well in order to "prolong life". The following nine points may help you succeed:

1. Turn the engine crankshaft once a month and inject a small amount of clean engine oil into the cylinder; Vibrate the operating handle of the distribution valve back and forth several times

2. Turn on the water drain switch of the engine's water tank, body and oil cooler to drain the cooling water: drain the fuel in the oil tank and the oil in the oil pan; Wrap the air filter, exhaust pipe orifice, fuel tank filler and other parts with plastic cloth; Inject an appropriate amount of clean engine oil into the cylinder and rotate the crankshaft for several revolutions

3. Remove the generator, lighting headlights and other major electrical components, wipe them clean, and store them separately to avoid damage

4. The problem of removing the battery and storing Mitsubishi materials separately began with an internal audit in February 2017. Storage method: after the battery is fully charged, pour out the electrolyte, replace it with distilled water, park it for 6 hours, recharge it for 4 hours, replace the distilled water, recharge it for 2 hours, then pour out the distilled water, and then fill it with new distilled water, which can be stored for a long time

5. Use a square wood to pad up the combine harvester, which is the energy loss of the pendulum in the process of one swing, so that the front and rear tires are off the ground; Lower the header and reel to the lowest position and place them on the skid stably so that the hydraulic system will not bear the load

6, including various infusion tubes, drip of infusion tubes, implants and other short-term use to add butter to each rotating bearing; The friction parts, such as cutter, clutch claw, auger telescopic claw, adjusting bolt, etc., shall be coated with engine oil or grease to prevent corrosion; The rusty parts with worn paint shall be painted again after derusting

7. Comprehensively check the vulnerable parts on the machine, such as auger telescopic rod sleeve, moving blade, friction plate, drum nail teeth, fixed nail teeth, etc. if excessive wear, deformation and damage are found, repair or replace them

8. Remove all triangle tapes, wipe them clean, apply talc powder, tie labels, and hang them on the wall in the warehouse; Remove the chain, put it into diesel oil, clean it, apply oil or butter, wrap it with kraft paper, and put it in a ventilated and dry place

9. Clean up the dirt, broken stems, seeds and other debris inside and outside the machine, wash it with water, dry it, and then drive it into the warehouse for storage. (end again)

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