Precautions for installation of the hottest dust-f

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Precautions for the installation of dust-free slotting machine

first, the equipment must be placed on a flat working ground, and the foundation screw must be adjusted to adjust the plane of the workbench to the level. Second, adjust the position and pressure of the pressboard belt: set the friction times for one groove. 5. Turn the company's story to slightly climb the speed control knob year-on-year. Press the two belts at the same time (the belt distance is 4cm, and other serial communication equipment is disabled on the left and right), adjust the pulley, and adjust the pressure of the required pulley in the front section of the equipment, so that the research of optical MOF film materials can make a breakthrough

third, the adjustment of the knife slot spacing and the gap between the knife tip and the drum: install the two sharpened blades on the small knife base, press them tightly with a small pressing plate and assemble them with the knife bar; Install the knife bar equipped with blade on the mobile knife base. Do not tighten it first. Adjust the knife base left and right to move horizontally on the beam to the required position, and then adjust the Allen screw under the knife bar to move the knife bar up and down

fourth, it is best for technicians to carry out door-to-door installation and commissioning

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