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Like making products, he treats every suggestion meticulously

in January 2013, Lin Shanping was re elected as a deputy to the Fujian Provincial People's Congress. According to rough statistics, Lin Shanping has been a deputy to the 11th and 12th people's congresses of Fujian Province for nearly 10 years, and has put forward 28 proposals in total, of which 18 have been submitted this time, 10 more than the previous one, and each has been effectively handled and replied, which shows that he is enthusiastic in performing his duties as always, and that his ability to perform his duties is constantly improving. Why do the people choose me as their representative? Why should I be their representative? This question has been with me, forcing me to answer. He summed up his mental path and course of performing his duties in the second five-year term in three words: awe, persistence and focus

don't forget your original intention in performing your duties

awe. Deputies to the National People's Congress are the bridge between the party and the government and the masses. They should share the worries of the party and the government at the top and solve the difficulties of the people at the bottom. In the new era, representatives are important in discussing politics and performing their duties, and they have high requirements. I'm afraid I can't be a good representative. The representative must be treated with awe. He said so and did it truthfully. In strict accordance with the legal requirements for deputies to perform their duties, he attended the National People's Congress and the Standing Committee meetings of the National People's Congress as nonvoting delegates, many times at a time; Participate in all deliberations and voting, and never lose. He actively participated in inspection, special research, law enforcement inspection, learning and training. Occasionally, he had to ask for leave for urgent affairs, and he also rushed back to the scene of duty performance after finishing the work. Old representatives cannot become old timers. Lin Shanping said. Persistence. Lin Shanping's perseverance in performing his duties is famous in the Nanping delegation. If you don't speak plainly, you should also speak plainly. On the topic of poverty alleviation, he always said during the deliberation every year that the only difference is the perspective and data. To protect the ecological environment in Northern Fujian, he shouted loudly during the deliberation almost every year, and proposed one after another. Sometimes, the handling results of the handling department did not satisfy him, and he directly expressed dissatisfaction when replying. This was repeated three times until there was a new treatment plan, and he signed the word "satisfaction" in the reply letter

focus. Hongrun company where Lin Shanping is located is a national high-tech enterprise, which is in the leading position in the domestic control instrument industry. At that time, my goal in life was to build first-class instruments. Since coming to the platform of the National People's Congress, one more goal in life has been added: to be a competent representative. Lin Shanping believes that a person's ability and energy are limited, and it is not easy to accomplish oneortwo things in a lifetime. Therefore, no matter how the external environment changes, he always concentrates on two things: making instruments and being a representative. An officer needs time and energy. What should I do when there is a contradiction between the two? Lin Shanping has two experiences

the first is the bottom line. No matter how busy his work and business activities are, as long as it is a meeting of the National People's Congress or a major collective duty performance activity that the provincial and municipal people's congresses notify him to participate in, he must adjust the schedule to ensure participation. This is the bottom line of duty performance that must be adhered to. It's about the national economy and the people's livelihood. It doesn't matter if the company makes way. Because attending the provincial people's Congress, it happened that a businessman waiting for him at the company headquarters canceled his willingness to cooperate, leaving a sentence incredible. Lin Shanping responded afterwards that the fragrance of wine was not afraid of the depth of the alley. The second is intentional. Be a conscientious person who performs his duties, and be good at observing, capturing, mastering and accumulating useful materials for the performance of his duties from production, life and communication with others. His suggestions on doing a good job in road signs and signs and improving highway management and law enforcement are formed by going out to take a bus, being touched by the complaints of drivers, getting materials, and then sorting out through in-depth research. His proposal on improving the living security level of poor groups is that during the charity activities of donating poor college students, he witnessed the living plight of a special and unnoticed group in urban and rural areas, namely, rural households with five guarantees, urban and rural unemployed people, and vagrants, and had a strong desire to put forward representative suggestions and speak out at the National People's Congress. It is through such things that a person with a heart embodies his representative and responsibility

in Lin Shanping's view, the two things that seem to be different from each other are complementary. By being a representative, we have broadened our horizons, gained more understanding of the general policies of the party and the government and the laws and regulations of the state, and strengthened our awareness of democracy, the rule of law and rules, which are conducive to running enterprises well, standardizing management, developing markets and avoiding risks. Lin Shanping achieved a win-win situation. During his nearly 10 years as a deputy to the provincial people's Congress, the technological core competitiveness of the enterprise has been continuously enhanced, with more than 500 patents and more than 100 software copyright registrations. The production and operation management of the enterprise has been institutionalized and intelligent. The production efficiency has been significantly improved. Compared with 10 years ago, the total number of employees remains the same, but the annual output of digital display instruments has increased from 100000 to 300000

performance quality comes first

the success of instrument making has inspired Lin Shanping, the representative, to invite about 350 friends from customers, partners, media and other fields: no matter what work you are engaged in, you must do well, and quality will always come first. Therefore, at the beginning of his second five-year term in office, he had new requirements for himself: the performance of his duties must not be generalized, do not say anything painless and empty, and do not mention wrong but useless suggestions

like making instrument products, he treats every speech and suggestion meticulously. Therefore, in the process of performing his duties, he often hears and sees some original opinions and useful suggestions. For example, the manufacturing industry is facing a crisis, and all parties are looking for ways to get rid of the difficulties, but there are many aspects in terms of policy, finance, taxation and publicity guidance. Lin Shanping proposed that we should vigorously support vocational education, let more parents send their children to receive skill training, and cultivate more vocational and technical talents for industrial transformation and upgrading. His view was fully affirmed by the leaders present at the meeting

in the process of actively participating in the financing of poor college students in mountainous areas, he found that there were many poor people in mountainous areas and many poor students in need of help. Even if government departments, enterprises and social figures actively participate and donate generously, it is still a drop in the bucket. He believes that charity and donation activities need more forces to participate, and all parties should actively create conditions to encourage poor students over the age of 18 to carry out work study, so that they can become self reliant. His suggestion received the attention of relevant departments

located in the northwest of Fujian Province, Yanping, Shunchang, Shaowu and Guangze are located in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River and the green hinterland of Haixi. They were once the Central Soviet Area and the key area of poverty alleviation and development. However, in recent years, the backward modern transportation construction has seriously restricted the local development, among which Shunchang and Guangze counties have become the only two counties in the province without highways. Lin Shanping felt representative from the strong voices and expectations of the local people. He first made a serious investigation and investigation with several deputies to the provincial people's Congress in Northern Fujian, and repeatedly appealed at the provincial people's Congress. With the promotion of the representatives and the support of relevant departments, the construction of Yan Shun, Shun Shao and Shao Guang expressways was included in the county to county expressway project during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Later, Lin Shanping and other representatives used the green manufacturing technology with high resource utilization rate, low environmental pollution and easy recycling to understand the progress of the project for the first time. Since 2013, in view of the many difficulties existing in the planning projects of Yan Shun and Shun Shao expressways, he has put forward suggestions to speed up the project construction, adopt the provincial and municipal cooperation mode, and implement the social investment subject. The provincial transportation department carefully handled the suggestions of the representatives, negotiated with Nanping City to determine the joint investment of provinces and cities, overcome difficulties, and pay close attention to construction bidding and construction. By the end of 2015, with the opening of Yan Shun and Shao Guang expressways, Fujian Province has finally achieved the goal of connecting counties with expressways

in performing duties, we should not only dare to speak well, but also work hard to promote the solution of problems. In recent years, the construction of expressways in Fujian has changed with each passing day, and national and provincial roads are being upgraded. Lin Shanping learned from the investigation that because there are too few road signs, many drivers often run the wrong road. With the development of logistics industry and the rise of self drive travel, it is very urgent to establish a clear and clear guide sign system to provide accurate and convenient travel instruction services for drivers. In this regard, he put forward a proposal, including a reference plan to solve the problem. After that, he communicated closely with transportation, tourism and other departments, and also participated in the supervision of the proposal handling process. With the promotion of the provincial people's Congress, through the efforts of relevant departments for more than two years, until the end of 2016, the construction of high-speed railway stations, highways, and sections of cardboard thick roads leading to 122 tourist attractions under the national hypothesis test will be fully completed, tourist traffic guidance signs will be implemented, and the reconstruction of national and provincial trunk roads and the setting of geographical names at the entrances and exits of highways will be basically completed

performance of duties is pragmatic. Lin Shanping feels that it is meaningful to be a representative in this way, so he is more happy about it. In 2015, he saw from a private lending case that some tension machine manufacturers were still using 1064 nm laser rangefinder pieces that the collapse of usury, the rupture of the capital chain, the serious problems affecting the stability of marriage and family, and the intensification of social contradictions. He first wrote a letter to the provincial court, then spoke during the trial, and made suggestions jointly with 17 representatives, reflecting that there were many such cases and strong public opinions, which should be highly valued by the judicial authorities

in response to the suggestions put forward by the representatives, the provincial court carried out special research, communicated with the representatives, and the judicial committee held special discussions. The four point meeting minutes were formed on the issue of the husband and wife's bearing of external loans in their personal name during the duration of the marriage relationship, which had prominent social opinions, unified the law enforcement scale of such cases, and safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. Although the proposal and handling process took a lot of twists and turns, Lin Shanping spent nearly a year before and after this, but seeing that all his efforts were not in vain, he felt that it was worth the effort! He was even more gratified that on February 28 this year, the Supreme People's Court issued the supplementary provisions of the judicial interpretation (II) of the marriage law in response to the new situations and problems involving husband and wife's debts in judicial practice, adding the provisions that false debts and illegal debts are not protected by law as the second and third paragraphs of Article 24 respectively. The judicial loopholes in such cases are thus filled

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