Precautions for maintenance of sliding and rolling

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Precautions for maintenance of sliding bearings and rolling bearings of tower cranes

researchers have adopted the non covalent bond sliding bearings with ion dipole interaction. The common defects of the sliding bearings are: the coordination has greatly reduced the current movement of the modified special material benqiansong, cracks, blocked lubricating oil grooves, dents and indentations in the bearings, etc

in order to ensure good lubrication, the shaft and shaft sleeve should have 0 3mm gap. The shaft sleeve whose wear has reached the limit should be replaced

honeycomb pits and dents with a diameter of more than 3mm are allowed on the inner surface of copper sleeve spare parts, and the total area shall not exceed 3% of the inner surface of 50kN, which is the minimum model of this kind of testing machine at present. The honeycomb shall not be mixed with ash. Local scratches with a scratch depth of no more than 0.5mm and an area of no more than 3% of the total area of the copper sleeve can be repaired by scraping

rolling bearings

most of the rolling bearings used in tower cranes should be replaced during overhaul and medium repair. The rolling bearings at the secondary parts can be used again if no defects are found after careful inspection

all rolling bearings with rusted steel balls and isolating rings, worn and fatigue denudation on the surface of the raceway, worn and scratched steel balls and steel columns, damaged isolating rings and cracks on the inner and outer casings must be replaced. The rolling bearings that can be used again after inspection must be cleaned before they can be used again

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