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Sichuan three-year 10 billion sewage PPP project 2018 Chengdu Water Show sewage treatment is sought after

Sichuan three-year 10 billion sewage PPP project 2018 Chengdu Water Show sewage treatment is sought after

December 14, 2017

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in recent years, driven by policy and market demand, The field of water treatment is shining in the environmental protection industry. As the "weathervane" for the development of the industry, cdwe Chengdu International Water Exhibition - as the largest and most high-quality professional water exhibition in the west, the organizing committee fully feels the influence of policy and market, and the enthusiasm of sewage treatment enterprises to occupy the highland of the western market is high

Sichuan series of water treatment policies investment release vibration testing machine development history market demand

Sichuan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development recently said that it is expected that by the end of 2019, Sichuan Province will build 1213 domestic sewage treatment facility projects, with a planned investment of 38.9 billion yuan. With cities (prefectures) in the province as the main body, sewage treatment projects will be "packaged" to attract investment in PPP projects, mainly including: new and reconstructed sewage facility pipes, black and odorous water treatment New sludge harmless treatment and disposal facilities, new sewage recycling facilities and operation supervision information platform, etc

the three-year action plan for the construction of industrial wastewater treatment facilities in industrial parks (industrial clusters) of Sichuan Province issued by the Sichuan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology points out that the province has basically formed a relatively perfect industrial CFP company (carbon fiber prefabrication company) in the park in three years, and developed its roccs (rapid output controllable composite shape technology) into a rapid, zero waste automated production process wastewater centralized treatment facility and pipe supporting system, All provinces and cities (prefectures) will complete the goal of black and odorous water treatment by the end of 2020

the sewage treatment booth of 2018 Chengdu Water Exhibition is well booked

Chengdu Water Exhibition is the first professional exhibition in the water treatment industry to attract overseas exhibition groups after the first tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. In 2017, the exhibition successfully attracted enterprises or exhibition groups from 11 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Britain, Finland, Germany, Italy, Israel, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan to gather in Chengdu. Since the 2018 exhibition was launched, The number of sewage treatment exhibitions has increased steadily, and enterprises such as sound, anicon, Suez, Huanneng technology, Fandi, Dow, Haituo, Xingrong group, Wuxi Gongyuan, Hudong Meister, and deep blue environmental protection have seized the dominant booth

2018 Chengdu International Water Exhibition is jointly built by Chengdu new Zhonglian Exhibition Co., Ltd., Sichuan urban water supply and Drainage Association, national sewage treatment technology center, Sichuan Province 3, Jinan Shijin experimental process water pollution prevention and Control Service Association, and Sichuan Environmental Science Society. It will be held in the new exhibition center of Chengdu Century City on April, 2018, with four topics: sewage treatment, membrane, water supply and drainage pump valve and pipe, and end of pipe water purification. During the same period of the conference, the provincial and municipal economic and Information Commission, the national development and Reform Commission, the Department of housing and urban rural development, the Water Affairs Bureau, the environmental protection department (bureau), the municipal sewage treatment plants, water supply companies, environmental monitoring stations, design institutes, agents of water treatment equipment manufacturers, industrial and heavy pollution industry engineering technicians and water treatment industry experts will be invited to focus on urban water affairs, municipal management construction, sewage PPP projects, industrial wastewater treatment, water quality monitoring Nearly 10 conferences were held to discuss hot topics such as black and odorous water treatment, comprehensive utilization of urban drainage, and water ecological restoration

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