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Sichuan will accelerate the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence. See here for details (xiongxiaowei) in order to speed up the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in our province and seize the commanding height of the development of digital economy, the provincial government recently issued the implementation plan for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in Sichuan Province, clarifying the development goals and key tasks

the plan has planned the strategic goal of "three steps": strive to synchronize the key technologies and applications of artificial intelligence with the advanced level at home and abroad by 2020; By 2025, about five artificial intelligence industry clusters will be built, and the scale of artificial intelligence core industry will exceed 100billion yuan; By 2030, the overall development level of artificial intelligence will enter the leading ranks in China, and an industrial chain and high-end industrial cluster with complete core technologies, key systems, supporting platforms and intelligent applications will be formed

for this reason, the plan specifies that five projects will be implemented: the implementation of core technology research projects. From the three aspects of AI basic theory, key common technology and core software and hardware technology, the advanced layout may lead to the basic research of AI paradigm change; Focus on big data knowledge representation, knowledge evolution and reasoning, as well as big data computing model and framework, and build an analysis and reasoning engine; Promote the hardware, systematization and intelligent programming of the core algorithms of artificial intelligence

implement the key product cultivation project and the preparation technology of nano materials and devices; Preparation technology of ultra-fine, high purity, low oxygen content, no/little inclusion metal powder; Advanced preparation technology of powder pretreatment, sintering pre dispersion, pre alloying, spheroidization, coating and compounding; Rapid Sintering Densification Technology for domestic supporting key parts; High performance powder steel hot isostatic pressing/spray deposition near final forming technology; Preparation technology of new aluminum and titanium alloy parts; High precision metal injection molding (MIM) technology. Focusing on intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent robots, intelligent airports, intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles, smart homes, intelligent hardware and products, intelligent information security, intelligent safety supervision, high-level industry association officials from Taiwan, Japan, India, Italy and Russia participated in the key technology research, product development and large-scale production and application of conference systems, smart cars, and intelligent cross media systems

implement industrial application demonstration projects. Carry out the application demonstration of intelligent manufacturing, smart transportation, smart medical treatment and health care, smart social governance, smart logistics, smart culture and tourism, smart water conservancy and meteorology, smart commerce, smart agriculture, smart food and drug supervision and other technologies that easily maintain the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people in related industries

implement the enterprise cluster cultivation project. Accelerate the incubation of AI entrepreneurial enterprises, strengthen the cultivation of AI leading enterprises, promote the development of AI service-oriented enterprises, and promote the cultivation of AI enterprise clusters

implement the high-end talent introduction and training project. Strengthen the introduction of high-end AI talents, and establish a system of distinguished experts for AI overseas high-level talents; Improve the discipline construction in the field of artificial intelligence, guide and encourage colleges and universities in Sichuan to adjust and add a number of disciplines related to artificial intelligence; Strengthen the training of AI teams and talents

according to the materials provided by the Provincial Department of science and technology, by the end of last year, 82.8% of the country's AI start-ups were located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and Sichuan's AI enterprises accounted for 2.72% of the country's total, with about 100. Our province lacks "unicorn" enterprises and "business card level" typical AI applications in the field of AI, and there is a large gap in basic theory, core algorithms, key equipment, major application systems, etc

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