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Sichuan tapai cable and Sichuan Emei film channel successfully held the "walk into the community, public welfare Thanksgiving trip". In March 2019, Sichuan tapai cable, together with Sichuan Emei film channel, successively entered 120 communities in Chengdu to provide community residents with public welfare activities such as electricity safety knowledge publicity, free electricity maintenance and free ordering

On the morning of the 23rd, Sichuan tapai winding wire Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Emei film channel launched the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China in changshouyuan community, Wuhou District. The film breaking strength testing machine was used in carton, cardboard, paper and other industry communities, and the opening ceremony of public welfare Thanksgiving activities. At the event site, Wu Shantong, general manager of Sichuan tapai cable winding wire Co., Ltd., made a speech and was interviewed after the opening ceremony, calling on community residents to pay attention to the details of electricity safety around them, and choose green poster products for home decoration wires

talking about the original intention of organizing this event, Mr. Wu, the founder of Sichuan tapai cable, introduced that this is the first year for the company to carry out such an activity. As the leader of the industry, we have brought safety knowledge and common sense to thousands of households with our business

the safety of household wires and cables has always been the key point of social concern. This time, as Sichuan people's own brand cable -- Sichuan tapai cable, has made an actual statement. In recent years, it has popularized the knowledge of electricity safety to the masses, and at the same time, it has brought more reassurance and comfort to the masses. At the end of the activity, President Wu was closely surrounded by the residents who came to listen to the sharing. They expressed their doubts and raised their doubts about the professional knowledge of wires and cables and the hidden dangers of electricity safety to President Wu, who answered them one by one

At the same time, President Wu said that entrepreneurship is not only reflected in the operation of enterprises, but also should be fed back to the society and the people

in the future, Sichuan tapai cable will continue to maintain the tapai spirit of self-improvement and forge ahead, and the enterprise mission of maintaining excellent quality and sustainable and steady development. With first-class professional and technical personnel and rich production management experience, through the implementation of standardization, integration and product structure optimization, it will continue to improve quality and efficiency, Always adhere to the core values of anisotropic conductivity, innovation, integrity and win-win in the plane axis and transparent direction of graphene, and continue to move forward towards the grand vision of carrying forward the spirit of ingenuity and becoming a century old enterprise

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