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Sichuan starts the 5785 strategic project to create 5 trillion industrial belts

Sichuan starts the 5785 strategic project to create 5 trillion industrial belts

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Guide: it is learned from the Sichuan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology that according to the provincial strategic deployment and the development requirements of taking the new industrialization road, our province officially starts to implement the 5785 strategic project from this year, and strives to achieve the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, Become the first pilot area in the west to change the mode of industrial development and a strategic emerging industry

according to the Sichuan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, according to the province's strategic deployment and the development requirements of taking the new industrialization road, our province has officially launched the implementation of the "5785" strategic project since this year - striving to become the first pioneer to change the industrial development mode in the West by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. Sinopec plans to invest 200billion yuan as a pilot area, an innovation demonstration area of strategic emerging industries, a agglomeration and radiation area of producer services High end production factor optimization allocation center. As one of the key contents of the strategic project, Chengdu will be an important node to comprehensively promote the cultivation of five trillion yuan characteristic industrial belts

Take Chengdu as an important node to build industrial belts

it is reported that our province will start to build five "trillion characteristic industrial belts". Based on the resources of the province, we will lay out and build a number of major resource development and deep processing projects, form professional parks and a number of major industrial bases, use transportation hubs to develop channel economy, and through years of efforts, create five trillion yuan characteristic industrial belts, namely, Deyang Mianyang self funded aerospace, power generation equipment, automobiles, machine tools and other equipment manufacturing industrial belt, and Deyang Mianyang guangsui electronic information and service industrial belt, Chengdu Dezi Neiyi Luzhou beverage and food industrial belt, Chengdu meileya from Luzhou Yisui South Guangda chemical industry and new material industrial belt, Panzhihua Xichang vanadium titanium steel and Sanjiang River Basin characteristic resource industrial belt, and rely on the characteristic industrial belt to support the construction of large urban agglomeration. We can see that Chengdu has become an important node of these industrial belts

in addition, it will also focus on building a number of new demonstration urban areas of characteristic industries. It includes the construction of national new industrialization demonstration bases through Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang and Panzhihua, and the creation of demonstration new urban areas with electronic information, major equipment, digital audio-visual, steel, vanadium and titanium industries as the characteristic industries

accelerate the development of the growth pole of Chengdu metropolitan area

at the same time, our province will accelerate the construction of "one pole, one axis and one block". Focusing on the Chengdu Economic Zone, we will accelerate the construction of a modern manufacturing base

in the growth pole of Chengdu metropolitan area, we will focus on accelerating the construction of high-end equipment manufacturing base, high-tech industrial base, new energy industrial base and producer service base

in the Chengdu Chongqing channel, it is difficult to develop the axis of general molding and processing, focusing on the heavy chemical industry, heavy machinery manufacturing industry and energy industry, and accelerating the construction of the heavy chemical industry belt along the river in southern Sichuan; With Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Langjiu, Jiannanchun, Quanxing and Tuopai as the leaders, we will vigorously build the core area of the "Golden Triangle of Chinese Baijiu"; With Ziyi Luzhou Neijiang heavy machinery manufacturing, "two rivers and one river" Chinese Baijiu golden triangle, Yiyi Luzhou Zijiang Yanjiang chemical industry, and Le Zixin materials as the core, efforts will be made to cultivate four characteristic industrial clusters

in the economic block around the hinterland of Chongqing, the construction of Northeast Sichuan natural gas chemical industry cluster, the East-West industrial belt along Chengdu NANDA and the north-east industrial belt along guangbada will be accelerated, and a regional economic development system facing Chengdu Economic Zone and Chongqing Economic Zone will be gradually formed

Chengdu high tech Zone strives to take the lead in developing hundreds of billions of

industries with "7+3" advantages, and guide the development of industries towards high-end, specialization and branding. Strive to build seven advantageous industries with an added value of more than 100 billion yuan, cultivate and develop 1-2 10 billion enterprises in each key strategic emerging industry field, and strive to cultivate new 100 billion industries

in terms of park construction, we will thoroughly implement the "521 strategic objectives" of the industrial park. Continue to implement the "1525 project" of growth oriented characteristic industrial parks, and ensure that one 100billion Yuan Park, five 50billion yuan parks, and 25 10billion yuan parks will be built in 2012. On this basis, by 2015, five parks worth 100 billion yuan, two parks worth 200 billion yuan and one park worth 300 billion yuan will be built. The added value of industrial parks in the province accounts for more than 65% of the province's industry, and 10 characteristic industrial clusters worth more than 100 billion yuan will be cultivated

later, we learned from the Municipal Economic Commission that according to the unified deployment of the whole province, our city will also vigorously strengthen the construction of park investment and financing platforms and infrastructure, support the expansion of parks and districts where conditions permit, and create national and provincial economic and technological development zones. Next year, the high-tech zone will strive to take the lead in achieving the output value target of 100 billion yuan, and the economic development zone, Shuangliu, Qingbaijiang and petrochemical park will strive to achieve the target of 100 billion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period


"5785" strategic project is the basic goal of industrial development in our province during the 12th Five Year Plan after in-depth demonstration. By 2015, the province will cultivate 5 trillion yuan industrial belts, 7 industries with value-added exceeding 100 billion yuan with two loops of location control and force control, 8 parks (bases) with sales revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan, and 50 enterprises with main business revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan

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