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Sick two-dimensional barcode reader lector631 came into the market

the two-dimensional barcode reader lector63x series was highly concerned and favored by the market and users after the launch of the 2million pixel lector632 product line at the end of 2015. Therefore, the R & D team of sik Germany made persistent efforts to launch the low resolution series of lector63x and the 1.3 megapixel lector631. The launch of lector631 has enriched and improved the product line of Sike's two-dimensional barcode reader

this time, but the public offering of shares has not been approved by the CSRC. The city's press the direction key can move the focus to the project to be set. The 1.3 million pixel (1280x1024) two-dimensional barcode reader lector631, except that the imaging chip size is different from lector632, the rest of the software and hardware are inherited from lector632. Like lector632, it can carry three different lenses, namely standard C-Port lens, compact C-Port lens and s-port lens, For each lens, there are corresponding optical accessories to match it, so that it can easily deal with different barcode reading applications of small barcode, large depth of field and long distance in factory automation and logistics automation

2. ball screw: the ball screw and trapezoidal screw are currently used in the electronic universal experimental machine

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