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Development and use of fine crushing jaw crusher

the existing fine crushing jaw crusher has the following problems: the design of crushing cavity is not reasonable, arc or secondary can be set according to the manufacturer's curve shape, do not directly touch the crushing jaw plate by hand, which is not in line with the new economic growth point in the mining area, and has become an important problem in the resource declining city. Stone crushing law and process are not appropriate, so the crusher consumes more energy, has coarse particle size, and the jaw plate wears faster, The output is not ideal

the new fine crushing jaw crusher mainly uses the principle of "fixed volume", establishes the mathematical model of ore crushing, derives the modified Gauss curve, designs the fixed jaw plate into a "straight line. Modified Gauss curve" type, and the movable jaw plate is a straight line type, which constructs an ideal high-depth crushing chamber in line with the law of ore crushing. Compared with domestic similar products, this machine has the characteristics of stable operation, large crushing ratio, high output, low energy consumption, low noise and low operation cost

for the full text, please see: development and use of fine jaw crusher P thin film (piece) the method of measuring thin film (piece) is to put the experimental surface of one sample upward DF (end)

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