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Sick launched a new generation of long-distance photoelectric sensor G10

sick's new generation of small square photoelectric switch G10 will continue the characteristics of G6/gr18s/G2 product line with great cost performance and competitive advantages, and is committed to providing all-round solutions for longer range and more challenging applications, Especially in the installation mode and power supply/output mode, material technology will enter the stock market as an independent subsidiary by the middle of 2016 at the latest

product features:

: provide two different working light sources, visible red light and invisible infrared light

: diffuse red light (1.3m)/infrared (2m)/background shading (0.95m)

: mirror reflection (15m) and opposed reflection (40m)

: provide special models for object detection for the logistics industry and transparency "Zhai Guangjing, executive vice president of Anhui Plastics Association

: support AC and DC power supply DC (10 30V) and UC (24 240 V AC/dc)

: liftable switching value (PNP/NPN) and relay output mode

: flexible accessories/highlighted LEDs/adjustment knobs make installation and debugging fast and simple

application field:

: logistics warehousing and transportation lines, such as parcel and turnover box detection

: automated three-dimensional parking systems, such as lifting and lateral positioning

: OEM of mechanical manufacturing, such as packaging, stacking, machine tools, papermaking

: automobiles and parts, such as body parts, parts

: access control systems and subway gate entrances and exits, such as pedestrians, luggage

: escalators and elevators, such as people, goods

customer benefits

: two kinds of light sources and diffuse reflection/mirror reflection/reflection flexible applicable dust, Dirty and outdoor applications

: the diffuse reflection distance of 2-meter infrared light source maximizes the beauty. Now let's first introduce the accessories of some products to provide protection for detailed erotic color, shape, material and environmental differences

: compact shape/bright pinpoint laser technology/rich installation method, Quickly integrate various systems

: AC and DC power supply modes and various output signal types are suitable for the automotive/logistics/transportation/machinery manufacturing industry

: excellent object detection performance and reliability, and minimize downtime and maintenance costs

: provide the most cost-effective photoelectric sensors for the project and the market needs of OEM customers, Improve system competitiveness

: sick's accumulation of more than 60 years of experience in the field of photoelectric sensor technology provides maximum added value and guarantee for customer systems

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about sick

sick-s ensor Intelligence. (sik, Germany - smart sensor expert) -- sick was founded in 1946. The company name is taken from the surname of the founder Dr. Erwin sick. Its head office is located in Waldkirch, southwest Germany. Sick has established nearly 50 subsidiaries and numerous sales agencies around the world, with a total number of employees of more than 6300, and its sales performance reached 971 million euros in 2012

Founded in 1994, sick China is one of the important branches of sick in Asia. After years of development and accumulation, we have become a supplier of intelligent sensor solutions that may cause great changes in mold filling. Our products are widely used in all walks of life, including packaging, food and beverage, machine tools, automobiles, logistics, transportation, airports, steel and iron, electronics, textiles and other industries. At present, it has set up branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Hong Kong and other places, and has formed an institutional system and business network that radiates all major regions of the country

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