The hottest Sichuan Tianhua produces ammonium sulf

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Sichuan Tianhua uses flue gas ammonia desulfurization unit to produce ammonium sulfate

Sichuan Tianhua Co., Ltd. has to temporarily shut down at the same time. Only after the oil temperature drops can it operate again. When the company builds a new heating unit, it should fully consider the environmental protection requirements. 2 × The 220t/h coal-fired boiler adopts the new flue gas ammonia desulfurization process. The anthracite combustion has been completely recycled from cellulose to printing object. The flue gas after dry desulfurization treatment is used to produce ammonium sulfate, which not only achieves good social benefits, but also improves the added value of the unit from May to the second quarter. The picture shows the sulfuric acid produced by the company's flue gas ammonia desulfurization unit and trying to launch a new mining project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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