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Bedsheets are the bedding we come into contact with every day. Because they are in direct contact with our skin, they also affect our health. We need to have a good hygiene habit to make us sleep in a clean environment. So how to wash the sheets correctly? Let's follow Xiaobian and have a look

the right way to wash bed sheets

1 The frequency of washing bed sheets is determined by personal hygiene habits. If it is a new bed sheet, it needs to be washed with clean water first, so that the pulp and printing and dyeing colors on the surface can be cleaned off. In that way, it will be soft to use, and there will not be a lot of color fading when cleaning in the future

2. If it is a cotton bed sheet, you need to use it to dissolve the washing powder before putting it into the cotton bed sheet. Generally, the soaking time of the bed linen should not exceed half an hour. The water temperature of the bed linen should not exceed 40 degrees. After washing, try not to expose it to the sun

3. The cleaned sheets need to be well stored, and they should be thoroughly dried, and camphor balls should be put into them after being folded neatly. The bed linen should be placed in a dark place with low humidity and good ventilation. The quilt products that have been used for a long time can be taken out for drying in advance when they are reused. In this way, the bed linen will return to fluffy

how often do you wash the sheets?

many people are deceived by the surface of the sheets. They look very clean, but they don't know how many bacteria, viruses, molds and so on are on the sheets. Nowadays, young people wash bed sheets less often, which poses a great hidden danger to their health

therefore, for our health and to reduce the damage of germs to our body, it is best to wash the sheets once a half month and change the sheets and pillowcases frequently to promote our health. Cleaning the sheets and pillowcases once a week will make the accumulated residues and bacteria on the bed nowhere to hide, and the air will be safer to breathe

the above is the correct way to wash the sheets and how often the sheets are washed. The use of sheets is always related to our health. So this is also something we need to pay attention to. I hope it can help you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this website, and look forward to more wonderful




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