Water based anticorrosive paint bilnick water-base

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Water based anticorrosive paint - bilnick water-based epoxy topcoat

bilnick water-based epoxy topcoat is a two-component topcoat made of water-based epoxy resin, organic pigment and organic solvent after grinding and adding supporting curing agent. Bilnick waterborne epoxy finish is recommended for indoor wet, alkaline and partially submerged environments. Bilnick waterborne epoxy topcoat is widely used for anti-corrosion coating of steel components, water treatment equipment, inner wall of tank and other parts with strict indoor environmental requirements

bilnick waterborne epoxy topcoat, with water as diluent, is non-toxic and tasteless. Bilnick waterborne epoxy topcoat has high gloss, good hardness, chemical resistance, good mechanical properties, salt spray resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance, solvent resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and other properties. The coating has good adhesion to wet substrate and good one-way permeability; Good recoating property, strong adhesion between layers, and more convenient construction; The physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the coating are excellent; It can be brushed, rolled and sprayed, and the tools are easy to clean. There is no danger of explosion and fire in transportation, storage and construction in a closed environment

supporting products of bilnick waterborne epoxy topcoat include waterborne epoxy primer, waterborne epoxy zinc rich primer, and waterborne micaceous iron intermediate paint




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