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The wall cracked, the tiles fell off, and the bathroom leaked &hellip& hellip; It's really a nerve racking thing to have problems after decoration. If it is within the warranty period, the brand home decoration company will solve it by itself. But if the warranty period is over, is the problem of home decoration gone? Don't worry, the reporter found that at present, Beijing brand home decoration companies can provide post warranty maintenance services for our customers. There are also some home decoration companies that can provide paid maintenance services for non company customers, which is great news for owners who choose guerrillas during decoration

◆ check carefully before the expiration of the warranty

Article 32 of the measures for the administration of residential interior decoration issued by the Ministry of construction stipulates that under normal conditions of use, the minimum warranty period for residential interior decoration works is two years, and the leakage prevention of kitchens, toilets and external walls with waterproof requirements is five years. The warranty period shall be calculated from the date of completion and acceptance of the residential interior decoration project. At present, the warranty period of Beijing brand home decoration companies is implemented in accordance with this provision. If the home decoration company is identified as the responsible party during the warranty period, the home decoration company will provide free maintenance services. If the warranty period is exceeded, Beijing brand home decoration companies can provide customers with paid maintenance services

if there is a problem during the warranty period, the owner had better contact the home decoration company for maintenance as soon as possible. In order to avoid the cost of maintenance after warranty, it is recommended that the owner conduct a comprehensive inspection of the decoration before the warranty period is approaching. It should be pointed out that after the heating season and rainy season of the year, most of the decoration problems will appear after these two periods due to the drastic changes in indoor humidity and dryness

in these two seasons, due to the weather, it is not suitable for maintenance. For example, the cold weather in the heating season makes it inconvenient to open the window, which may cause the dust and peculiar smell appearing in the maintenance to be difficult to dissipate, affecting the health of the family. If it does not affect daily life, it is recommended that the owner stagger the two seasons before maintenance. However, if the maintenance is due during this period, the owner needs to report for repair in advance and agree the maintenance time with the home decoration company

◆ small problems in water and electricity can be found in property

generally speaking, maintenance projects of home decoration companies need to be found, which mostly belong to woodwork, bricklaying, oiler and other operational construction projects, such as ceiling, wall, floor tile, wall tile, waterproof, etc. Water and electricity problems will seriously affect daily life and need to be solved as soon as possible. It usually takes a relatively long time to find a home decoration company. The property companies in the community generally provide relevant services, and also have quotation forms for special maintenance, which can be repaired on site in time, which is very convenient, and the service is relatively guaranteed. Therefore, the owners can find the property in the community to deal with general electrical installation, circuit failure and water blockage, which will not affect the use of the same day

◆ charges are different. Compare more before choosing.

because they don't know the construction situation of previous projects, the construction technology and materials used between companies are different, many home decoration companies currently only provide post warranty maintenance services to customers who decorate in our company. Some companies, such as Yuanzhou, Yezhifeng, yaguanya, Jinzhao, Jingcheng, etc., provide paid maintenance services to non decoration customers of the company. In terms of charging standards, most home decoration companies said that they would only charge material fees and labor fees, and would no longer extract company management fees and profits from them. However, there are also certain differences in the standards of material fees and labor fees of various companies, and some companies also have minimum fees and door-to-door fees

the regulations of each company are also different about whether the maintenance part is warranted after the warranty. Most companies no longer provide warranty, and some companies also provide a warranty period of 3 months or one year. If the owner is not limited to looking for the original decoration company for maintenance, he can consult and compare with the company that can provide this service, and choose the company with the highest cost performance to provide services for himself




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