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Decipher the new member of Roland enlarges the format printing press 900 XXL 7b

7b enlarges the format by 60mm, entering the large format market. 1260mm 1620mm slightly increased the paper size, but increased the number of pages by 20%, which is of great benefit to the printing plant

the large format market is a market that will continue to grow in the future, which is highly recognized in the printing industry. With the trend of globalization and increasing size, industrialized printing groups began to develop to improve productivity. In Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, large format markets with good development trend have emerged

7b how large is the enlarged format

how large can the 7b enlarged format of Roland 900 XXL launched by Roland man be? The maximum paper size is 12601620mm, and the maximum image area is 12501620mm. Make maximum use of the circumference length and modify the mouth edge and trailing edge of the image of the famous 7b model to increase the image length by 60mm. In the model with standard configuration, the printer can print 13000 sheets per hour when printing substrate materials with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.6mm, the thickness of printable paper is 0.04 to 0.6mm, and the thickness of printable paperboard is 0.1 to 1.2mm

efficiency greatly increased

what are the advantages of 60mm longer image length? Efficiency is greatly increased. The printing size increased by 5% and the area increased by 20% when printing A4 pages: that is, the productivity increased by one fifth. When the folding sheet processing gradually established three manufacturing bases in Xiamen, East China and southwest China, 48 A4 pages can be used instead of 40 A4 pages

what needs should printing companies meet in large format production? The need to pursue efficiency and reduce unit costs. For printing plants that print according to DIN format, it is better to turn to 7b to increase the format, which can realize the advantage of increasing the number of pages by 15-20%, which will be beneficial in the case that the format is not din in the printing of books and periodicals

consider all factors

investment cost and order quantity must be the main determining factors in the common importance. The amount of investment will challenge the printing plant. In addition to the cost of purchasing the printing press, further investment in prepress and post press equipment should also be considered. There are mature schemes for prepress. The famous prepress equipment manufacturer's direct plate making machine will have no problem exposing the printing plate of this size. The 7b and 7b enlarged format plates of Manroland printing press can be used universally to further ensure the production efficiency. Generally speaking, the total investment cost only accounts for 10-15% of the final product. The rest is the cost of printing materials and personnel. To illustrate this difference, the total investment in the entire production system composed of direct plate making machine, sheet fed offset press and folding machine is only 20-25% of the printing machine cost per hour, compared with 30% of the corresponding personnel cost

the order quantity of large format printing companies must have a certain quantity and composition. The composition of this field is conditional, because in the fields of commercial printing, publishing printing and packaging printing, the large format is very balanced compared with the small format. The large format printing function benefits from the shortening of the startup preparation time and printing time. The connection system such as printnet printing system can further reduce the startup preparation time and printing time. It is applicable to a wide range of users, from long version packaging printing to short version poster printing

48 DIN pages or more can benefit from

48 DIN pages or more. The production of new format is generally more efficient than that of smaller format models. The experience gained by the printing factory in the large format workflow is also positive. By increasing the format, the printing production chain based on 3B format is smoothly realized. Of course, the total investment in the workflow must also be included. In the final analysis, the efficiency of the overall process is the decisive factor

7b the advantages of increasing the format are a model for an effective value-added chain: shortening the start-up preparation time, shortening the production time, reducing the production cost, and the advantages before and after printing

7b increase the format: shorten the start-up preparation time and production time, and reduce the cost

shorten the start-up preparation time, which can reduce the number of waste sheets compared with the 3B format multi unit double-sided printing machine. In this comparison, the increased production time of 7b is obviously shorter than that of books with more than 32 A4 pages. When considering the overall process, the large format printing machine can generally reduce the production cost. Other advantages in efficiency can also be reflected before printing by [strain gauge], elastic elements and some accessories (compensation elements, protective covers, wiring sockets and loading parts) and after printing: fewer printing plates are required in the production process, the folding efficiency is improved, and fewer workstations are required on the multi head stapler in the process of keeping the laboratory machine and computer clean and sanitary after printing. For the large format folding machine, the printing width is 1420, and the 7b enlarged format sheet can be folded directly. They can also be cut online on the printing machine or folding machine, which can avoid the time-consuming and cost-effective offline cutting operation. In consideration of automation and printing quality, 7b enlarges the format with various advantages of Roland 900 and XXL model series in commercial printing and book printing production

the maximum automation of large format printing machine can achieve maximum production and high printing quality. This is because of the high-tech inking device and fountain device. In this format, high-quality color overprint and smooth embossing further ensure the best printing quality. The concept of flexible transmission ensures the best possible printing quality at all times. The transmission composed of gear set, hydraulic brake and long shaft (models with more than 5 printing units and glazing units) achieves the best color overprint. The stability of the printing unit is attributed to the horizontal separation between the inking device and the plate cylinder, which can print convincing printing quality. It is the concept of stable transmission that ensures the best color overprint conditions even when the speed changes. Another advantage is that 7b enlarges the folding sheet processing of the format sheet. The 48 page 7b enlarged fold sheet is launched when the time is ripe. There are only two parallel folds, while the 40 page 7b fold sheet needs four parallel folds. Therefore, the remaining multiple pages can be combined more flexibly than the 40 page sheet

real alternative: increase the format

in order to further optimize production, Manroland provides some mature and interesting products, such as the online slitting device that can directly cut sheets on the printing machine during commercial printing and book printing. In this way, many production methods have been developed. ColorPilot, the fastest ink quantity measurement and control system in the market, and printnet printing production management system have further realized efficient production. The perfect connection of the printnet printing system workflow of Manroland printing press has had a strong impact on the market. More than 1200 printing presses around the world have been installed with this device. At the same time, efficient JDF data processing has also optimized the production sequence

Manroland developed 7b format based on the concept of value-added printing. Manroland enlarged format series now has another member, 7b enlarged format. In the small format, 0b is enlarged, and in the medium format, 3b is enlarged. Their efficiency is well known. Manroland's platform strategy is being further designed to provide such value-added benefits. The XXL printing press manufactured by Manroland takes 7, 7b and 8 formats as a platform, so it can provide 7b formats with many advantages

7b increase the format: advantages list

- increase the printing area by 5%

- increase the number of pages by 20% for A4 size

- simplified folding mode

-7b format is compatible with the workflow of 7b enlarged format

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