The hottest decline in U.S. crude oil inventories

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U.S. crude oil inventory fell three times, international oil price shrank three times, U.S. crude oil inventory fell three times, international oil price shrank three times, August 19, 2010

[China paint information] data from the American Petroleum Institute on Tuesday showed that U.S. crude oil inventory increased significantly. Traders worried that the official data of the United States also showed an increase in crude oil inventories, which led to a sharp sell-off in Wednesday's trading and a sharp fall in international oil prices. Light crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell below $74 a barrel in recent months, the lowest level in five weeks. However, data released by the US energy information administration showed that crude oil inventories fell, and the decline in international oil prices narrowed immediately. At the close of trading on Wednesday, the settlement price of September light crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $75.42 a barrel, down $0.35 from the previous trading day; London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil October futures settled at $76.47 a barrel, down $0.46; New York heating oil September futures were 202.49 cents per gallon, down 0.10 cents; Rbob gasoline September futures were 196.12 cents per gallon, up 0.80 cents; August diesel futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $639.25 per ton, down $8.75

according to the settlement price of the New York Mercantile Exchange, the "3-2-1" profit from refining three barrels of crude oil into two barrels of gasoline and one barrel of heating oil on Wednesday was $7.842 per barrel, up $0.56 from Tuesday

the gasoline loading speed calculated based on the futures price of the New York Mercantile Exchange is stable and the profit is low. If you don't understand the various functions and performance of the experimental machine, the price difference between rbob gasoline and WTI futures is 6.9504 cents per barrel. According to the latest report of "global index profit" used by BP to measure the average profitability of oil refining business, as of August 12, the average data since the third quarter showed that the average barrel was $4.32, down 21% from the second quarter

Jinan gold testing machine mainly used in the tensile strength and elongation of copper alloy strip to test the performance of the material. According to the data of the US energy information administration, last week, crude oil inventory decreased by 800000 barrels, gasoline inventory decreased by 39000 barrels, and distillate oil inventory increased by 1.1 million barrels. However, commercial crude oil and oil inventories rose to a total of 1.13 billion barrels, surpassing the previous record of 1.127 billion barrels set in september1990

the increase in demand offset the impact of the abundance of refined oil depots in the United States. US crude oil demand grew in an all-round way. In the past week, the daily demand for gasoline in the United States was 945.9 barrels, 223000 barrels higher than the previous week; The average daily demand for distillate oil was 3.674 million barrels, 274000 barrels higher than the previous Sunday

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