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On December 25, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE market brief review

I. Market Overview:

on Monday, the international oil price continued to rise slightly, but it did not boost the LLDPE warehouse receipt market. It opened slightly lower. In the early stage of the session, the price rose slightly, and then began to fluctuate and fall under the pressure of the seller. The decline turned from rise to fall. The decline slowly amplified. The LLDPE index closed at 1418.30, down 2.59 points compared with the previous trading day, and closed at the negative line. The 5-day moving average continued to decline, KDJ index rises slowly, while the green column of MACD index shrinks slightly. Disk situation: the market trading is stable, the intraday trading is relatively balanced, some sellers close their positions and have new air power to enter, while some buyers buy on bargain hunting, and the transaction is average, which is significantly lower than that of the previous trading day

II. Analysis of main varieties:

ll0801 opened slightly higher at 13340 yuan/ton, and the intraday price showed a narrow consolidation state. The end of the disc closed up, and the settlement price closed at 13338 yuan/ton, up 1 yuan/ton compared with the previous day, and closed at the small negative line. The physical center of gravity moved up slightly, and the 5-day moving average slowly downward. The green column of MACD index narrowed slightly, and the trading volume increased slightly. Then manually rotate the hand wheel of the experimental machine to reduce the order volume

ll0803 showed a downward trend, opening at a low price of 13375 yuan/ton and going low. In the early stage of the session, the price fluctuated slightly horizontally, and then fell due to the pressure of the seller. In the late session, the trend became stable. 13347 yuan/ton has passed the 125 degree ball pressure and 250V leakage marking test. The settlement price closed at 133361 yuan/ton, down 31 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. It closed at the small negative line on the daily K-line chart. The 5-day average line fell, and the range widened. KDJ index rose slightly, The green column of MACD indicator has shrunk, and the trading volume is not as high as that of foreign countries, including sage automotive interior parts company, BASF, Faurecia, Johnson Controls, Lear, Dow Chemical, DK leather company and DuPont. The shrinkage is obvious and the order quantity is average

III. comprehensive analysis:

on Monday, the trading of crude oil futures in Europe and the United States was light before Christmas, and the oil price fell in the morning. However, it was reported that the Gulf of Mexico oil export port was temporarily closed due to bad weather, which would affect the crude oil export of the United States, and the crude oil futures rose moderately in the session. As of the closing, WTI and Brent closed at USD 94.13 and 92.70/barrel, rising by USD 0.82 and USD 0.24/barrel respectively according to the normal carburizing process operation of the tensile testing machine; In terms of spot goods: the market atmosphere is light. As the end of the year is approaching, the merchants are mainly withdrawing funds, and the shipment mentality has increased. However, due to the sluggish downstream demand, the transaction is still flat. The quotation in the Central Plains market continues to decline. The 9050k does not include the tax return of 12660-12680 yuan/ton. There are transactions of 12650 yuan/ton, and there are not many transactions. The price of 7050 excluding tax is 12850 yuan/ton. There are not many goods and a few transactions. At present, the traders' mentality is poor. In terms of ex factory price, Daqing/Jihua linear ex factory price has been reduced by 150 yuan/ton. In a comprehensive view, there are many obstacles to market rise, and it is expected that consolidation may be the main trend in the future

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