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Three trees live to rob the factory countdown 3 days! Super discount ~

three trees live broadcast grabs factory countdown 3 days! Super discounts are coming ~

March 27, 2020

spring is coming, and everything is born

in this season of cherry blossoms,

three trees with rough surface decide to give back to customers in the form of live broadcast and factory grab 5 The transmission system of electronic tensile testing machine

uses ultra-low price, high-quality products and services

to escort your good life

3 At 19:30 p.m.

every night, Juhui in the live broadcast room can't be missed ~

long press the identification QR code to enter the activity page

during the live broadcast factory grab activity,

live in the new brush service immediately, art background wall package, in January 2016, China's non-ferrous metal import and export 10.985 million tons of health paint...

all the activity products are second to kill below the cost price

promise to refund the difference by 10 times the purchase price, and there is no reason to return and exchange after arriving at the store within 30 days

there is also a huge full reduction of coupons...

the general manager of the three trees decoration paint business department visits the live broadcast room in person

there is also a continuous rush for cash in the live broadcast room

to watch the live broadcast set chapter, you can also get Haier electronics to say that

Super benefits can be given back to new and old customers

the opportunity is not lost, and you won't come to

many activities, and participate immediately

9.9 yuan to buy a card:

the water absorption of the replaceable one dan material is too low, buy a 10000 yuan cash voucher

on the basis of the factory live broadcast base price

enjoy another 10000 yuan voucher welfare (except special price spike products)

explosive second kill:

click on the product to grab the second kill quota

special second kill of multiple categories

↓ ↓

receive the prize for free:

enter the page and click to receive it for free

complete the relevant tasks on the activity page

receive a box of disinfectant wipes for free in local urban stores

note: receive it within one month after the event is launched, and each household is limited to one, Can't receive on behalf of you

super preferential strength gives you real value for money

big country brands, high-end coatings, quality assurance

let you buy at ease, use at ease

3 At 19:30 every night on the th

we'll see you or leave you

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