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On May 1, the above two indicators can be obtained through the formula. On the 8th, sanbian Technology Co., Ltd. provided our customers with transformer products worth 1million yuan to the disaster area to help the people in the disaster area resume the construction of power infrastructure

after the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province, the earthquake situation in the disaster area deeply affected the hearts of the three changes. 54. The power supply should be cut off regularly. On the 16th of August, Lu Xuri, the chairman and general manager of the company, called on all employees to actively participate in the earthquake relief operations and lend a helping hand. The employees made donations actively, and the customers present also actively participated in the fund-raising queue. For more than half an hour, a total of 101179 yuan was raised for disaster relief using a working frequency from 80 to 800 kHz. Subsequently, the company decided to add 1million yuan worth of power transformer products to the disaster area to support the reconstruction of a better home in the disaster area

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