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Three trees for the public welfare of "an egg's rampage"

three trees for the public welfare of "an egg's rampage"

May 18, 2021

in the past year, because of an epidemic, we pressed the pause button for our life. This is the first large-scale professional selection activity with the theme of "green automotive materials/products" in China, which slowed down and paid more attention to the people and things around us

at this moment, there is an "egg" incubating a small dream of matching various raw materials, changing the world of TA and the world around it

the 2021 "one egg rampage" public welfare hiking activity was held in Pudong, Shanghai on May 15. The 50 staff volunteers and partners of sankeshu set up 10 Xiaosen runaway teams, embarked on this journey with the belief of "love, endless life", donated money for children in need, and let them meet more beautiful paint

no matter the torrential rain or the scorching sun, it can't stop the three trees from walking and passion for love. On the day of the event, the three trees Xiaosen rampage team set out from the Pudong exhibition hall, passing through four checkpoints: Jingyao Qiantan, Yichang Art Museum, Pudong Kerry City, and Shanda world, and finally returned to the Pudong exhibition hall, with a total distance of 50 kilometers. After 12 hours of unremitting efforts, all staff volunteers and partners of sankeshu completed 100% of the 50 kilometer walking challenge, and created a runaway miracle with the faith of never giving up

this activity advocates the concept of green and environmental protection, which coincides with the health, nature and green that three trees have always adhered to. While challenging their physical limits, the three tree rage team members also insisted on sorting garbage, reducing bottled water and non environmentally friendly materials, and practicing a low-carbon life, leaving only firm steps and loving sweat

in order to better help every child grow up healthily and develop equally, in addition to physically participating in the rampage activities, the three tree rampage team members also actively raise funds through friend circles, Weibo and other forms. All donations will support the u-building block plan of Shanghai United persuasion foundation in the name of three tree Enterprises to help children in the central and western regions who lack or have improper family custody. We firmly believe that every love can create beauty, and every child deserves to be spoiled

since its establishment, sanjeshu has taken "respecting heaven and loving people" as the CSR concept, and while striving to achieve its own green development, it is also a good corporate citizen. Since 2018, the three trees have participated in the "one egg rampage" activity for four consecutive years. On the 10th anniversary of rampage in 2020, sankeshu, as an official green and low-carbon advocacy enterprise, joined hands with Shanghai Lianquan public welfare foundation and the sports and fitness platform keep to jointly launch the rampage online public welfare challenge. Thousands of sankeshu employees used keep sports to support public welfare, speak for troubled children and raise money

(6) industry management has reached a new level

it is the bounden duty of sankeshu and its employees to support social public welfare undertakings. The excitation winding of the electromagnet is its load. Sankeshu has invested huge funds and love in public welfare projects such as poverty alleviation, environmental protection and education. We will continue to shoulder the responsibility of a big brand of national coatings, contribute to the harmonious development of society and create a better life for people, and show the spirit of great love of enterprises

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