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The era of national three standards is coming. Large high-end agricultural machinery has become a "new favorite"

the era of national three standards is coming. Large high-end agricultural machinery has become a "new favorite"

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recently, in balimiao village, Lishu Town, Lishu County, Siping City, Jilin Province, from Yituo, Lovol heavy industry The national three emission standard high-power tractors and their supporting agricultural machines and tools of 18 agricultural machinery enterprises such as Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. were displayed and demonstrated in a centralized and contiguous corn field. The promotion and application of agricultural machinery in China is the highlight of the green transformation of the agricultural machinery industry this year. The person in charge of the enterprises participating in the on-site demonstration said that they have done a good job in technology and after-sales service to meet the arrival of the era of national three standards. The enterprises will take the promotion of national three agricultural machinery as an opportunity to promote the agricultural machinery industry towards large-scale, high-end and intelligent direction

the tensile test of Zoomlion Heavy machinery is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. Nie Jiang, general manager of Jilin Co., Ltd., told economy that the six large agricultural machines and tools that the enterprise participated in the on-site demonstration were equipped with national three engines, which are safe and reliable in terms of technical equipment and the matching between the engine and the main engine. In order to improve the quality of machinery for agriculture, rural areas and farmers in China, the company has established a long-term strategic partnership with well-known domestic engine manufacturing enterprises such as Yuchai, quanchai and xinchai, supporting each other in the synchronous research and development of technology and products, and jointly promoting the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery products

the promotion and application of the country's three high-power tractors and supporting agricultural machinery is an important symbol of the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery industry. Siping City is the "cradle" of the birth of China's first self-developed self-propelled combine harvester. It is also an important commodity grain production base and a major agricultural machinery application city in China. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, on January 18 this year, the China Association of Agricultural Machinery Industry identified Siping as the "regional innovation demonstration base for modern agricultural machinery and equipment". Based on Siping, Siping took the lead in realizing agricultural modernization in Jilin Province, promoted the upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, built China's Agricultural Machinery City in 5 to 10 years, and built Siping into an important national agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing base, Accelerate the popularization and application of the country's three high-power tractors and supporting agricultural machinery

in recent two years, with the transformation of agricultural production mode, large-scale, high-end and intelligent agricultural machinery products that meet the needs of modern agricultural development are becoming the "new favorite" of the market. Last year, the output value of tractors fell, but the large tractors with more than 100 horsepower increased by more than 30%, and the speed of optimizing the structure of agricultural machinery products was very fast. From the perspective that revitalizing the real economy is the foundation of a strong country, and the product upgrading is mainly used to test the compressive strength of building material test blocks such as concrete, cement, high-strength bricks, refractory materials, etc., the low-end products in the agricultural machinery industry have been phased out since 2013, the middle-end products have rapidly improved the product quality, and the high-end agricultural machinery products have also made breakthroughs, such as the commercial production of a tractor with a power shift, and Foton Lovol has also launched a power shift tractor, After several years of scientific research, Changzhou Dongfeng company is expected to break through the full hydraulic drive tractor

from the perspective of their own capabilities, the hardware and software construction level of some agricultural machinery enterprises is constantly improving. In the view of Chen Zhi, President of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, this is a major progress in China's agricultural machinery industry. In the past, some agricultural machinery enterprises mainly engaged in assembly and stall production are being phased out, and some agricultural machinery enterprises have achieved remarkable results in intelligent manufacturing and digital construction. Foton Lovol's power shift tractor test bench is at the leading level in the world; The new workshops and workshops established by Zhongnong Boyuan are first-class in China and advanced in the world. Some agricultural machinery enterprises pay more attention to the software construction of enterprise brand, culture and talents. Many agricultural machinery enterprises have hired a group of engineering and technical personnel, quality management personnel and enterprise management personnel from agricultural machinery manufacturing powers such as Germany and Japan. For example, Guhe transmission, a leading enterprise in the production of agricultural machinery parts, is an enterprise specializing in the production of tractor and harvester drive axles and steering axles. The company has launched the world's most advanced test-bed to achieve testing, and has hired four experts from Japan to provide technical guidance, Gradually realize intelligent manufacturing

at present, the overall independent research and development level of agricultural machinery enterprises has made significant progress. In the past, due to low profits, small scale and limited accumulated funds, most agricultural machinery enterprises did not have the ability of independent innovation. Many enterprises implemented the follow-up strategy in the development process. Now, if agricultural machinery enterprises want to improve their competitiveness, what is the development prospect of graphene, the "king of new materials", in China? As the strategy is difficult to sustain, some leading agricultural machinery enterprises have moved from the previous follow-up strategy to the independent innovation strategy in technology, and have taken various positive and effective measures to improve their independent innovation ability. Some enterprises have established R & D institutions overseas, such as Zoomlion Heavy Machinery in North America, and Foton Lovol in Italy

although the industry is developing rapidly, it is also facing challenges such as reducing production capacity and unreasonable organizational structure. Chen Zhi said that in the future, there are still three development spaces for the agricultural machinery industry in the process of transformation and upgrading: first, there is huge room for improvement in quantity. There are more than 7000 kinds of agricultural machinery products in the world, and only 3500 kinds of agricultural machinery products in China. For example, cotton pickers and sugarcane machines are still the "weakness" of the development of the agricultural machinery industry; Second, there is huge room for improvement in quality. Although the comprehensive mechanization level of agriculture in China has reached more than 62%, semi mechanized and semi manual single planter "eyedropper" is still used in some places; Third, there is huge room for improvement in the structure. At present, agricultural mechanization is still limited to the mechanization stage of field crops. The mechanization level of breeding industry is low, and the mechanization level of many links of planting industry is still very weak. For example, manual spray are still used in some places to spray pesticides. "Therefore, there is still a huge space for the development of China's agricultural machinery industry in the future." Chen Zhi said

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