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Three trees maintain a high-speed growth trend, and their revenues and profits have doubled in three years

three trees maintain a high-speed growth trend, and their revenues and profits have doubled in three years

January 25, 2019 "

according to the performance express disclosed by three trees, in 2018, the total operating income was 3.56 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 221.675 million yuan. Under the condition of large amount of equity incentive fees, both achieved high-speed growth, The main reason is that with the continuous improvement of the company's brand influence, the company's main paint production, which determines the size of the fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation, is due to the year-on-year growth in the sales of large and small pieces

in the stable domestic economy, it has been well guaranteed to change the overall environment, especially under the trend of the overall downturn in the coating industry, sankeshu has achieved remarkable results relying on its core advantages such as brand, product and channel, and achieved the stage goal of the five-year development strategic plan disclosed by the company in 2017

looking at the historical data of three trees, the operating revenue of the company in 2015, 2016 and 2017 was 1.52 billion yuan, 1.95 billion yuan and 2.62 billion yuan respectively. The operating revenue of 3.56 billion yuan in 2018 increased by 135% compared with 2015 before listing, and the three-year compound growth rate reached an amazing 32.9%. The net profit deducted in 2018 also increased by 113% compared with 2015. Through three years of hard work, the company's operating revenue and non net profit have more than doubled, which is equivalent to rebuilding three trees

sankeshu continues to transform to the user-centered, service-oriented manufacturing and high-quality development direction of some machine refueling outlets, adheres to the business policy of green innovation, efficiency upgrading, and co creation and sharing, and continues to invest in hard power such as product, supply chain, channel system construction, and soft power such as cultural brand and informatization. We believe that in the future, three trees will make great achievements in the building materials industry. Let's wait and see

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