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Sansteel group selected the Proficy process systems of GE Fanuc intelligent platform

Charlottesville, Va. on September 14th, 2009, GE Fanuc intelligent platform of Ge enterprise solutions group, Today, in 2013, the company's global net sales were $15.1 billion, and the molding area of Sansteel FC 780 e Speedmaster was 780 x 570mm. The company chose the groundbreaking process control system Proficy process systems for its blast furnace reconstruction project in Shanghai. The solution is worth about $300000 and will provide critical control for both blast furnace and plant utility systems. The project uses GE Fanuc's PACSystems RX3i controller

Sansteel group is a leading iron and steel enterprise in China, committed to the production of high-tech and high value-added high-quality steel, with an annual production capacity of more than 5 million tons. The company believes that using Proficy process systems as the core of the transformation project will reduce the cost by 25% compared with the traditional transformation system

will enable LANXESS to further expand its business and production capacity according to the needs of the next few years

"GE Fanuc continues to expand its strategic drive and process automation field", commented Steve Ryan, general manager of GE Fanuc process and security business, "this victory not only highlights the technical capabilities of our solutions, but also highlights the fact that customers around the world benefit from it"

"Proficy process systems is a fully integrated process control system. Based on its flexible configuration, structure and choice of control platform, you can choose PAC8000 controller or PACSystems controller according to the needs of customers in different industries," said Kam Yuen, product manager, "When using PAC8000 controller, it provides advanced DCS functions for customers in the oil and gas industry. When using its PACSystems controller, it provides advanced process control systems for customers such as Sansteel group." these systems will improve operational performance and productivity and provide sustainable advantages for customer business

"the foundation of Proficy process systems is the contemporary hardware and software infrastructure, which provides the advantages of traditional DCS and plc/hmi systems, and avoids many historical limitations of these methods." Ryan continued, "Sansteel group sees great advantages. It is the PACSystems controller of GE Fanuc multi-party method that can bring unparalleled flexibility to their control system"

about GE Fanuc intelligent platform

GE Fanuc intelligent platform is a joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) of the United States and Fanuc of Japan, which provides high-tech enterprises. It provides users all over the world with hardware, software, technical services and embedded computers for automatic control. We provide users with a unique, flexible and ultra reliable technology base, which enables them to obtain sustainable advantages in energy, water, consumer goods, government and national defense, as well as communications and other industrial fields. GE Fanuc intelligent platform is a global enterprise headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. It is a business unit of Ge enterprise solutions. For more information, please visit GE Fanuc's Chinese website:

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Ge enterprise solutions help customers improve productivity and revenue by providing integrated solutions, which cover sensors and nondestructive testing; Security and health 5 Fill in the experimental record table to specify the safety technology; Power system protection and control; And factory automation and embedded computing system. The high-tech and high growth businesses of enterprise solutions include sensing and detection technology, security, digital energy and GE Fanuc intelligent platform. More than 17000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world solve various problems for customers

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