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Three trees: culture shapes China's first paint for health

three trees: culture shapes China's first paint for health

February 18, 2009

[China paint information] Cisco CEO Chambers said: "big companies do not necessarily beat small companies, but fast companies will beat slow ones." There is only one market, but there are many enterprises providing the same goods. At this time, only sustained and rapid growth can become the master of the market

in the coating industry, there is such a benchmark enterprise - in the past seven years, sankeshu coating Co., Ltd. has doubled its growth rate every year, known as "rocket speed". Now, sankeshu has become the leading brand of Chinese health paint

how did the three trees run out of "rocket speed" in the forest of rivals

cultural strategy system wins

"small enterprises do products, medium-sized enterprises do brands, large enterprises do standards, and evergreen enterprises do culture." This is the valuable experience left by IBM, McDonald's, P & G, Starbucks and other Fortune 500 enterprises. The length of an enterprise's life depends on its culture. In fact, if an enterprise wants to develop rapidly for a long time, it can't do without excellent corporate culture

first, strategic culture

at present, although corporate culture has become the mantra of many entrepreneurs, there are few enterprises with excellent culture. In fact, many enterprises have fallen into the same misunderstanding - mistaking boss culture for corporate culture. This is also the key reason for the sudden death of many enterprises in the rapid development - the lack of a healthy and strategic corporate culture

boss culture refers to the cultural concept, business ideas, values and leadership style of the originator of the enterprise, followed by the individual. At this time, the relationship between entrepreneurs and enterprises is father son relationship. Corporate culture seems to have become a pure management tool, and this management tool also changes with the individual preferences and wills of entrepreneurs. The result must be that the enterprise has spent time, effort and money, but the result is that no one abides by the regulations, the management cannot be in place, and the team is distracted... Such a culture is doomed to make the enterprise go a long way

Hongjie, chairman of sankeshu, said, "the real culture is the values, beliefs and behavior that enterprises abide by." Therefore, sankeshu's corporate culture jumped out of the limitations of the boss culture from the beginning and made every effort to build a strategic corporate culture

"under three trees, a healthy family", this slogan reveals the mystery. Since the founding of sankeshu, Hong Jie has taken health as the theme word of corporate culture. Under this theme, we should advocate healthy mentality, shape healthy quality and cultivate healthy employees; Externally: contribute health products, create a healthy life, and spread health culture. In this way, three trees not only provide healthy paint for the public, but also create a healthy life for the society. Core values are the core and soul of corporate culture. The core values of three trees are "integrity, learning, execution and excellence", which seems to be a strategic corporate culture, rather than personal will

the real corporate culture must be the values, beliefs and behavior that enterprises abide by. Therefore, three trees embody the color of health culture everywhere. For example, a "power workshop" with elegant tea fragrance and lingering sound was created for employees. Here, you can read in the book bar, exercise bar, tea bar, etc. For another example, through the "top (excellent) service system", we can make systematic solutions to the product or technical problems encountered by end users, and implement a service system of process and professional treatment

the culture of retreat lacks social value. Hong Jie has always advocated to be a "real culture", that is, put it in your heart and put it in action. For example, the implementation of the "four modernizations", including entrepreneurial culture, corporate culture, brand culture and terminal culture, has been integrated and comprehensively implemented, forming the cultural pillar of the three trees

Second, cultural system

Prahalad and Hamel of the resource-based theory school once put forward the theory of core competitiveness to guide enterprises to cultivate valuable resources that cannot be imitated and replaced with strategies. Culture is such a scarce resource. If we want to build resources, we must establish a unique cultural system to distinguish other enterprises

at present, three trees have established a complete cultural system. The vision of this culture is an enterprise ecosystem containing four elements of "health, competition, evolution and circulation" in 74 residential concrete inner wall panels and partition panels. This enterprise ecosystem goes beyond the traditional value chain and covers the management ideas and codes of conduct of consumers, suppliers, dealers, distributors, product technology partners, supporting product manufacturers and other aspects

under this system, there are not only the cultural origin of three trees, but also the enterprise strategy and quality of three trees, as well as the brand marketing, business philosophy, society, law, culture, etc. of three trees. The whole ecosystem forms a community, with both prosperity and loss. Hong Jie believes that this is the "Tao follows nature" after the combination of the individual reproduction concept of "three creatures" and the organizational cycle concept of "endless life"

the cultural system tree of the three trees

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the internal and external integration of health culture

Hong Jie believes that the competition of enterprises in the 21st century will depend on the competition of cultural power to a certain extent. Without strong corporate culture as support, enterprises are like water without source and trees without roots

then, how to converge into a healthy "River" of corporate culture

in the corporate culture system of three trees, we can find such a value chain system: "Chairman's health culture → organizational health → brand health → value chain health."

in this system, Hong Jie is the source. In the chairman's office, there are books and magazines everywhere. We can see the learning manager's style of taking in hundreds of rivers and keeping pace with the times. In addition, three trees also have open culture, transparent culture and other systems to achieve zero distance between leaders and employees. For example, in the company's OA system, the chairman appointment system is developed; Another example is that the system is transparent, the organization is transparent, the communication is transparent, and the opinions are transparent. Everything is under transparent management. Under this healthy culture of entrepreneurs, the health of organizational culture is bound to be formed

in the health security system of organizational culture, there are already spiritual fulcrums - reading culture, mountain climbing culture, training culture, grass-roots culture, critical culture, open culture, equality culture and so on. For example, you must read three newspapers a day, three magazines a week, three books a month, and recommend a book to your boss every month. There is also a fulcrum at the material level. For example, employees of three trees can enjoy more than 30 benefits, including clothing, food, housing, transportation, marriage, funeral, marriage, marriage, study, life, work, training, entertainment, fitness, leisure, career planning and entrepreneurship planning; There is also a fulcrum at the institutional level. At present, three trees have developed more than 300 systems and processes, large and small, to ensure the refinement and rationality of each link. Each team converges into a stream, and each department converges into a river, and the whole enterprise organization forms a river with the same goal and direction

healthy organizational culture has created this kind of single-layer with only one carbon atom thickness, which is the brand of graphene health. This is first of all the internal health, that is, the health of internal employees, followed by the health of external partners, dealers and consumers

in terms of internal brands, sankeshu has many health brand guarantee systems. For example, "worry free fund". As an employee of sankeshu, he not only enjoys all-round welfare benefits such as clothing, food, housing and transportation, but also has endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance and medical insurance. At the same time, the enterprise has set up a public welfare fund organization - worry free fund for all needy employees and their family members; Another example is "smoking cessation culture". There are more than 500 employees in sankeshu headquarters, but they can't find a smoker, which is the guarantee of health. For another example, sankeshu invested 120 million yuan to build sankeshu ecological coating industrial park, and retained more than 100 century old litchi trees, 6000 square meters of natural lake and memorial forest, which are health brands and health prerequisites

in terms of external brands, sankeshu also introduced a new strategy of cultural marketing to comprehensively promote its healthy culture: Song of sankeshu (enterprise song, brand song), enterprise multi-function station, enterprise culture books (Daofa nature, etc.), sankeshu newspaper, enterprise image film, enterprise image album and touch electronic video system. At the same time, sankeshu also actively plans various communication activities, including cultural bestseller marketing, cultural publicity team roadshows, free shopping industrial tours, cultural exhibitions, special lectures, owner exchanges, exhibitions, etc. In addition, on the terminal, a three tree health teahouse with unique cultural characteristics has been created. When every customer enters the door, the clerk will take the initiative to deliver the best Tieguanyin specially prepared for consumers. Let customers enjoy tea art, taste tea, and listen to the shopping guide explain tea culture and three trees culture. Three trees have planted a brand tree in the hearts of customers in their own way

under this health system, the overall value chain of the three trees must also be healthy

the rise of Chinese and Western brands

at present, many well-known companies are advocating green marketing. From the perspective of cultural marketing of three trees, this is also a kind of green marketing. In the cultural marketing of three trees, the unity of "consumer interests, enterprise interests, social interests and ecological interests" is embodied everywhere. In terms of products, sankeshu pursues the health, environmental protection and harmlessness of the product consumption process. Sankeshu always takes "health paint" as the strategic goal of the enterprise. In terms of management, it emphasizes the harmony and coordination between marketing means and the natural environment and social environment, so as to facilitate the benign development of the environment. From this point of view, the cultural marketing of three trees represents the mainstream trend

from the corporate culture of three trees, we can also see China's broad and profound cultural heritage: first, we can see the Taoist point of view, that is, "Tao follows nature". Hong Jie believes that the "Tao follows nature" advocated by sankeshu is mainly manifested in "following the trend, conforming to the people's hearts, and conforming to nature", conforming to the people's hearts internally (the hearts of shareholders and employees), and externally (the hearts of customers, users, and partners), always respecting and fearing nature with a grateful attitude, and returning consumers, society, and nature with healthy products. Secondly, we can see the figure of Confucianism. Hong Jie's creation of "health paint" with a broad mind is the most remarkable embodiment. Every year, three trees invest nearly ten million yuan in the construction of corporate culture, so as to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise. Thirdly, we can find the strategy of legalism. At present, more than 300 systems and processes of three trees, large and small, are enough to ensure the healthy development of the organization. Finally, the best industrial technology can be found. Sankeshu has purchased many advanced equipment and introduced many international management methods. Through western advanced technology and management methods, the quality of products is the best. It can be seen that the corporate culture created by three trees is not only strategy

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