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"Three swordsmen" drive white card crazy price rise paper factory opens "autumn harvest mode"

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core tip: on August 25, the prices of white card and coated card products under Chenming Paper () increased by 500 yuan/ton. In addition, the relative humidity of app of golden light group (China) and sun paper (

will reach 100% RH. In addition, paper enterprises such as app of golden light group (China), Sun Paper () and Bohui paper () have also decided to raise the ex factory price of white cardboard in late August or early September, with a crazy price increase of 500 yuan/ton

since the end of June, domestic white cardboard manufacturers have announced two consecutive rounds of price increases, resulting in a buffer effect. According to the data of paper industry lianxun, the average price of domestic white cardboard at the end of July was 5611 yuan/ton, up 6.09% year-on-year

in August, the price of white cardboard also showed a steady upward trend. As of August 23, the average ex factory price of white cardboard was 5693 yuan/ton, up 1.4% from last week

white cardboard is not light in the off-season, mainly due to the special situation this year. As China's economy gradually recovers from the COVID-19, downstream user demand has improved compared with the first half of the year. Paper mills have good expectations for the demand of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays in the future. At the same time, the new version of the "plastic restriction order" also promoted the demand explosion of the white cardboard industry. On the other hand, domestic white cardboard production capacity is lack of flexibility, and the supply of white cardboard is mainly concentrated in Chenming Paper and other leading paper enterprises, which have strong bargaining power

at present, the share price of sun paper is 13.69 yuan/share, up 38.7% from the beginning of July; The preparation technology of Bohui paper's new materials is still evolving. The share price of Xinye is 12. The protection levels for oily particles are kp90, kp95 and kp1003 respectively, with a protection level of 3.8 yuan/share, up 35.56% from the beginning of July; Chenming Paper's share price rose by more than 30% in two months

we will continue to pay attention to the unreasonable price increases of upstream white card manufacturers and the whereabouts of downstream printing and packaging enterprises

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