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Santong launched vacuum packaging molding machine

Santong machinery industry company in Taiwan Island promotes the use of software to protect the experiment. The performance situation is divided into: displacement limits the vacuum packaging molding machine, with control and display functions, which can automatically detect and control the delivery of less than 300 finished products in a week, and it can easily change the type of packaged products without using any tools

the body of this vacuum packaging molding machine is made of stainless steel, which is solid in structure, simple in maintenance, easy to clean, and is designed to reduce manufacturing costs. It can provide various forms of packaging requirements. The machine has PLC control and LCD display, which can automatically detect and transport control, and can easily change the shape of packaging items without using any tools

the machine operates from forming, filling, paper roll, vacuum, nitrogen, sticker, cutting, and adopts consistent operations. It is suitable for PP, PE, PET films. It can be matched with nitrogen filling, paper roll system, printing, easy tearing device, discharge conveyor belt and other equipment to meet the needs of the operation

products suitable for packaging include raw meat, ham, sausage, fish, pasta, cheese and other foods, which can keep the preserved food fresh for a long time. For electronic parts, medicine and other products that need high-quality packaging, in addition to paying attention to the quality of spare parts, and the elongation rate of dust-proof materials can be above 1000%, which is particularly suitable for commodity packaging with anti-corrosion effect

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