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Three trees focus CCTV adhere to high-end resource strategy

three trees focus CCTV adhere to high-end resource strategy

April 2, 2010

[China paint information] brand operation is fundamental for advertisers and media. Brand development is inseparable from the brand strategic positioning. "Creating a healthy life" has always been the brand strategy of sankeshu. At the beginning of its entrepreneurship, sankeshu focused on the "healthy" positioning, taking "nature, green and health" as the core value of the brand, and "under sankeshu, C, hydraulic system oil leakage or oil return valve is not tightly closed, healthy people" as the slogan, unified image and unified publicity. The advertising films for CCTV have been adhering to the natural and healthy tone for several years. In terms of event marketing, communication strategies are also formulated closely around the brand strategy. For example, the test of carrying Shenzhou VI spacecraft in 2005 made three trees a sensation, and the donation of 10million yuan, the largest public welfare fund in the industry, to the "action to protect mother river" of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League in January 2007, has achieved a good reputation effect

recognized gold resources are strategic resources

only branding can lead to the future of enterprises. CCTV has an image propaganda film called "believe in the power of brands", which I deeply agree with. At the end of 2002, sankeshu will turn the remaining 1.3 million yuan of working capital after it is put into operation into CCTV advertising investment, and adhere to the high-end route of health paint. This sets the tone of "three trees only cooperate with first-class media"

in 2010, sankeshu's communication strategy was to "focus on CCTV, create an audio-visual feast, and weave heaven and earth". If the media resources belong to the recognized advantageous resources and conform to the phased delivery strategy of the enterprise, they can be regarded as the strategic resources of the enterprise. For example, CCTV's Golden advertising bid section is generally recognized as good, but a few years ago, it was dispensable for three trees whose time was not ripe. At present, the time is ripe, and three trees throw 86.56 million to win four golden bid sections, which not only makes the coating industry feel incredible, but also makes the building materials industry talk about it one after another. For the three trees in 2010, CCTV has become a strategic resource we must win. Media resources must be used by enterprises and matched strategically before they can be regarded as strategic resources of enterprises. In order to give full play to this strategic resource, we have carried out more than ten strategic matches in terms of advertising strategies, channels, products, terminals, personnel, etc

seizing strategic resources is part of the brand strategy

on the development path of three trees, with the help of the communication strategy of "holding high and fighting together with the first", the advertising effect has changed from initially enhancing channel customer confidence to currently meeting and guiding consumer needs. Seizing strategic resources is actually a part of brand strategy. Although the audience rating is getting worse and worse now, enterprises are increasingly inseparable from advertising

we must seize the high-end media resources that meet our current brand communication, but for most enterprises, strategic media resources are not the only one. I don't think the so-called strategy of monopolizing media resources to force back competitive teammates is advisable, because competitors will also be able to monopolize media resources to force back you! For example, in 2008, sankeshu signed a five-year exclusive strategic partnership agreement with the voice of China of the Central People's broadcasting station, and the advertising effect is relatively good. At the end of 2009, a competitor also found voice of China and invested a lot, but the exclusive agreement forced the competitor to choose voice of economy, and the communication effect was naturally different

however, China's media is diversified and three-dimensional. You monopolize the advertising of Taiwan based on the market base in 2014, and I monopolize the online advertising. Moreover, the media resources monopolized by each enterprise are suitable for this enterprise, not necessarily for other enterprises. FMCG driven by advertising, strategic media resource platform is indeed the main marketing battlefield of many FMCG enterprises. For example, the industry of Hunan Satellite TV generally said that the advertising competition for snack food is very fierce by attracting post-90s, post-95s and even post-millennial audiences. However, for building materials enterprises, for example, everyone in the coating industry has flocked to invite image spokesmen (in just one year, about 30 enterprises have invited star spokesmen, from Pu Cunxin, Zhang Tielin to Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Jiang Wenli to Olympic child star Lin Miaoke). Even if these brands are invested in CCTV or a satellite TV, they will not form the main marketing battlefield. At present, the main marketing battlefield of coating enterprises is still a channel battle

therefore, to seize the commanding height of the media depends on whether it is self styled by the media or recognized by channel customers and enterprise employees. The most critical issue is that it must be most suitable according to the marketing objectives of the enterprise at this stage. As the saying goes, "heroes are sad about beauty, while villains are called by beauty", but is this beauty beauty in the eyes of lovers or recognized beauty? If it is a recognized beauty resource, it can certainly be used to activate the whole marketing link - advertisers are busy packing, dealers are busy seeking advice, and employees are busy meeting each other - all of them are moving, and the effect is needless to say?! But the premise is that the strategic matching of advertising resources must be required

high end media needs high-end creativity

media is just a carrier. Advertising creativity is the key to better advertising. The investment promotion advertisement of three trees has experienced several changes, such as "three trees, a cash cow", "who controls 100 billion yuan", "sesame open door chapter" under three trees, a life of wealth ", which clearly conveys the purpose of investment promotion. For example, at the end of 2007, the marketing department created two investment advertisements, which were put on Xiamen Airlines magazine to attract people back to Fujian for the Spring Festival. The advertisements were folded. What came into view were two doors made of mottled trees. One of the rusty iron rings was hung with a small wooden sign "Zhima open the door". After opening the sesame, there were only three trees composed of dollars, pounds and euros, Under the huge font of "life under three trees, wealth", there is such a passage: "Dear Sir, congratulations on discovering Alibaba's treasure! This is not a creative idea. Three years ago, Mr. Ye met three trees alone, and since then China has had another successful person! Three trees, form business partners, enjoy wealth and happiness, natural spirit aristocracy. How many business opportunities do you hide, and the door of wealth is looking forward to opening." When the second issue was launched, it was just in time for the Spring Festival, and the tree door was changed into a vermilion door, which was both festive and wealth oriented, The copy of the advertisement was then changed to "Dear Sir, the Spring Festival is auspicious! Congratulations on opening the door of Alibaba's treasure! This is not a creative idea. Three years ago, Mr. Ye met three trees on the Spring Festival flight, and from then on, there has been a prosperous family in the Chinese business community! Three trees, establish business partners, enjoy wealth and happiness, natural spiritual nobility. How many business opportunities are hidden, and the door of wealth is looking forward to opening." This advertisement and the advertisement "three trees, money tree" have been specially commented on by international advertising

advertising should take advantage of the situation to get twice the result with half the effort. How can the advertisement of three trees jump out of the voice of China, the most authoritative radio media in China? First of all, this advertisement should state the brand health attribute. Secondly, it should consider the particularity of sound transmission. Only plot can produce memory. After repeated creation, finally, we grafted the classic dialogue in Wang Xiaoya's Happy Dictionary to form a popular nationwide radio advertisement using hi ant technology scheme: "now enter the question answering link, please listen to the question: how long will you live in your new house after decoration?" "Three trees, live now!" "Congratulations on your correct answer!" It was this advertisement that earned more than 40 investment consulting services for three trees every day and achieved great success. It was rated as "voice of China's best advertisement of the year" by CNR. At present, due to the publicity of the brand's phased "hot sale" positioning, this advertisement has been changed to "now enter the question answering link, please listen to the question: what is the fastest growing tree in the world?" "Three trees!" "Congratulations on your correct answer!" "The sales volume of sankeshu health paint has doubled for seven consecutive years, and more and more families are using it!"

advertising should have a matching strategic planning and implementation

in the delivery process, whether enterprise advertising is centralized or decentralized, and whether to choose a media strategic partner depends entirely on the enterprise strategy and brand strategy, which has little to do with the media environment, but it has a considerable relationship with the industry competition, and ultimately depends on the enterprise marketing strategy. There must be careful consideration from the enterprise behind a satellite TV. For example, the establishment of regional model market that forms a strategic match with advertising, the breakthrough of core market, the connection between media features and enterprises or products, channel strategy test, terminal intensive cultivation preparation, new product launch needs, etc. The basis for evaluating the safety of advertising strategy is that advertising is only one of the two legs that help enterprises walk. If you want to walk fast, you must have strategic planning and implementation that match advertising

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