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Three tons of expired paint hide in the residential area of Changfeng County. Citizens are worried about fire and explosion

three tons of expired paint hide in the residential area of Changfeng County. Citizens are worried about fire and explosion

June 5, 2015

[China paint information] "there are many tons of paint in it. Such a big hole has collapsed on the roof. It's too dangerous in case of fire and explosion due to the sun and rain!" These days, Ms. Pei, a resident on Changhuai road in Changfeng County, is worried. She feels like a "time bomb" has been placed around her. It is not easy to remove this "bomb". At present, the competent authority promises to repair the roof hole as soon as possible, and is trying to solve this hidden danger completely

the inventory of paint in the old warehouse worried residents.

on the morning of the 3rd, I came to Changhuai road in Changfeng County and walked through an alley. A shabby warehouse appeared in front of me. The warehouse made of red bricks covered hundreds of square meters, and a big hole collapsed in the roof next to an iron chimney

residential buildings are all around the warehouse storing expired paint

around the warehouse are several five story residential buildings, with thirty or forty families living

Ms. Pei lives in the residential building directly opposite the warehouse. Looking at the warehouse, she shook her head

Ms. Pei and her husband are employees of Changfeng County's former wujiaohua chemical company, and this warehouse originally belonged to Changfeng County wujiaohua company, which has been 30 or 40 years. Around 2003, the restructuring of the company was cancelled, but the metal material tensile testing machine in this warehouse has been storing paint, hardware accessories and other items for more than 10 years. One day last month, the roof of the warehouse suddenly collapsed, and the direct sunlight entered the warehouse, which made Ms. Pei more anxious. "When summer comes, it will rain and be exposed to the sun. How can those paints withstand these twists and turns? In case of explosion, why is this dark horse made of materials favored by the automotive industry? Explosion and fire, how dangerous it is for so many residents here."

led by Ms. Pei, I climbed a ladder and saw that there were sundries such as counters and chairs stacked in the warehouse, which were covered with dust, and several barrels of paint were placed on a counter. "The paint is covered with sundries, and there are still a lot of them below. I can't see them." Ms. Pei said. "This warehouse is actually useless, and these paints are dangerous, so it's best to dismantle the warehouse, which can also expand our living space." Ms. Pei said

it is difficult to deal with expired paint

yesterday morning, the competent unit of the warehouse Changfeng County Commerce and Trade Commission interviewed, and Zhang Liangcai, director of the commerce and Trade Commission, was quite familiar with this situation

Zhang Liangcai said that the warehouse originally belonged to Changfeng wujiaohua company, and the paint, hardware and other items stored in it also belonged to the inventory with high friction of the driven needle on the device instigated by the company, which has not been moved since the company cancelled. "There are about twoorthree tons of paint, which may have been stored for more than ten or twenty years. It is certain that the product has lost its effectiveness."

for the part where the roof collapsed, he has arranged Changfeng County food company to repair it as soon as possible, but the paint in stock is a headache. "Whether these paints are dangerous when stored in the warehouse is uncertain, but it is not easy to deal with. It involves environmental protection and other related matters. There is no suitable way to burn, bury or how to do it."

in response to Ms. Pei's proposal to demolish the old warehouse, Zhang Liangcai also expressed support, "there is this idea, but at present, three households occupy a small warehouse as a utility room, and are negotiating to let them move out first and then demolish it. If you can build a flat ground, let residents dance and enjoy the cool, that is also a good thing."

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