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Voith Paper participated in the third global paper CEO Roundtable

on the evening of June 5, nearly 60 CEOs of forest paper production enterprises from Europe, North America, Asia and other countries and the president of the international forestry and Paper Association (ICFPA) participated in the welcome dinner of the global paper CEO Roundtable held in Shanghai with special adsorption functions. At the gracious invitation of the president of China Paper Association, as the sponsor of this dinner, Ms. liumingming, President of Voith Paper Technology China Co., Ltd., delivered a passionate speech at the dinner. After more than 100 years of development, the plastic extruder delivered a passionate speech. The heat transfer of gas is mainly high-speed elements passing through the high temperature side

the venue of the dinner was the main building of the prestigious Yongfu restaurant in Shanghai. This is a Spanish building with a history of 100 years, formerly known as the British Consulate. While tasting the most authentic food in China, the distinguished guests experienced the elegant life of Shanghai beach; At the same time of warm conversation, it further deepened mutual understanding and friendship

on June 7, the formal meeting was held at Portman Hotel in Shanghai. During the meeting, in-depth discussions and exchanges were held on energy, resources, environment and development issues of common concern to all countries, aiming to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, strengthen the liaison and information exchange among paper enterprises in various regions, and seek consensus

representatives of Chinese paper-making enterprises, such as Huatai, Chenming, Taiyang, Bohui, and taigreenpaper, attended the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. liumingming, President of Voith Paper China, raised the question: at present, the per capita paper consumption in developed countries is more than 200 kg per year, while China's per capita is only 50 kg. The development potential of the paper industry is huge, but can China's environmental resources carry the development of China's paper industry to the level of developed countries per capita. This issue has attracted wide attention from representatives of all countries. As an issue of sustainable development in the paper industry, Wang Xiang, chairman of the board of directors of taigelin Paper Group, introduced the positive experience gained by the implementation of the strategy of integration of taigelin paper, forest and paper in improving the environment and sustainable development of enterprises. In view of the impact of the forest paper industry on the climate greenhouse effect, Li Hongxin, President of sun paper, said that we should take the unit emission of carbon dioxide as the evaluation standard, strengthen the energy supervision and management of paper enterprises from the perspective of legislation, and gradually eliminate backward productivity. At the meeting, representatives of all countries also reached a consensus that we should not only strengthen the social sense of forest paper enterprises, but also strengthen the construction of social public relations, so as to transmit the positive impact of forest paper industry on energy reuse and environmental protection to the public. The meeting decided that the next annual meeting would be held in South Africa in two years

After the meeting, Ms. liumingming said: as the only invited paper equipment supplier in this event, I feel very honored. The Chinese government is paying more and more attention to the impact of the paper industry on energy and environment. Many relevant laws and regulations have been issued one after another, and China's paper industry will face major integration. Voith Paper's newly established environmental protection solutions company (vpes) has cutting-edge technology and rich experience in the treatment and reuse of papermaking wastewater and waste residue. We will actively participate in the world's papermaking industry, take the path of sustainable development, and make due contributions to the construction of a more environmentally friendly papermaking process

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